Sketch lamp by Hung-Ming Chen and Ninna Kapadia

Hung-Ming Chen of Swedish design studio Hommin and Stockholm designer Ninna Kapadia have designed a desk lamp that can be used as a light box.

Called Sketch and intended for use by designers, the lamp head twists upside down to lie flat on the desk.

With the light source pointing upwards it can be used for tracing, accommodating A4-sized paper.

Here's a tiny bit of text from the designers:


Sketch lamp for designer

A light table for design profession is usually big and heavy.

To solve this problem, we designed a table lamp which has a lighting table Feature and suitable for A4 paper.

The idea is simple. Turing the lamp and put it upon the table. Than you get a light table ready for sketch.

Designer: Hung-Ming Chen(Hommin) & Ninna Kapadia