Plastic Moon by Norisada Maeda Atelier


Japanese architects Norisada Maeda Atelier have completed a house that includes a dental practice and swimming pool in Tokyo, Japan.

Called Plastic Moon, the building is wrapped in three white bands covered in circular tiles.

The ground floor accommodates the owner's dental practice with a separate door forming the entrance to the home.

A kitchen and swimming pool are located on the top floor.

Plans coming soon...

Photographs are by T. Sobajima.

Here's a little text from the architects (and a lot of pictures):


Plastic Moon

Here metal molding forms have been translated into architecture shaping a smooth outside shell while forming gardens, rooms and furniture on the inside.

To highlight this layering structure also from the outside view, glass and "mold" take turns providing space and two entrances for private and public areas, such as the owners dentist office.

The top floor hosts the kitchen and a generous rooftop pool.

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  • very poetic! i feel like i see some villa savoir in there…

  • germanarchitekt

    i usually don´t like builings with these stylish round edges, because most of them are more style than architecture.
    But this is such a great building. so consequent!
    Plans please.

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!

  • steve

    Could we have a few more photos of the pool or the stairs?!!

  • roel


  • sis

    a bit too much with these rounded rectangulars….

  • Richard Sanchez

    I love it. I love it. I love it. The glass stairs are a death trap.

  • Cecekal

    Amazing! I want the same house!!!!!

  • scruces

    I love the architecture in japan…the most inventive.

  • It’s yesterday’s tomorrow, today.

  • A

    I ve been there , and I feel it is awful!!!!!

    It is sooo cheap!

  • Emmanuel

    I like it al lot… it feels like a piece of furniture almost, very polished very light very well done… blueprints???

  • hm … this is alittle bit too much – feels like renders come true dosen´t it?

  • Badthony

    love the outside dont like inside….i dont like concrete texture…i wouldnt do too much round corner inside if i already use it outside

    and put some colors on please

  • Cool!
    It reminds me of my bowl form.
    Still struggling with proportion but strangely similar.
    How funny.
    I like the rounded edges, very “cool”.

  • alex

    this really sucks

  • aeolus

    Scintillation! Architecture in its purest form reduced to line, mass, and void. Bravo!

  • Rendering turned into reality. But its doesn’t look like a home. It should be a museum or library or anything but a home. If not for pool water there is no life.

    Having said that, Very good building but trapped in a wrong function. Nevertheless Good finish.

  • this is awesome

  • noise

    Come on folks this building is retarded. Honestly, just pause for a moment an look at the thing with you *eyes* .

    I struggle to find an analogy but its like an unarticulated and slightly grotesque sound that has some fainly happy plopping sounds mixed in. The horror is that it is used in a otherwise normal sentence.

    And whats up with that way to high datum that makes all rooms seem squashed.

    Nonsense is the word.

  • angry catalan

    This has to be the best house Dezeen has posted for weeks. Plus… a house with trendy soft corners that is not crap? Awesome.

  • This is a fantastic design…This is what architects should forcus on these days..BUILDING TECHNIQUES! we are done with the old way of constructing a building…Perfect…

  • MC talk a lot

    Very Japaneesy. The contemporary architecture from there is so inventive when it comes to small cramped lots. I like how the house accommodates the basement by providing a generous band of glass all around the building, it looks like the basement spaces are more usable and it makes the house look lighter from the exterior. The staircase detail is flawless. Just not sure about the colour scheme; the Architects were playing too safe with the greys.. its boring. Breaking up the spaces with divider walls seems a bit limiting, instead, in a small house situation, its advantageous to make one big multiple use area in order to make the actual space bigger. Are those dividers for the dental practice? And I’m not sure about how small the building is.. I will have a few problems living there with my tall European frame.

  • shreyank

    awesome…! so much in so little…

  • Hmm feels awkward for some reason.
    Think the rounded edges are perhaps overdone.
    Would like to visit it though, pictures only tell so much.

  • aiw


  • Although I’ve seen these pics. before I still an amazed at the size, yet simplicity, of the house. A little to modern for me but otherwise I can appreciate it. Thanks.

  • Really claustrophobic. It’s a graphic idea, very well executed, but I wouldn’t live there for all the sushi in Japan.

  • binjo

    excellent interiors

  • I love it <3

  • saman

    nice & cold space

  • Alexsandra9000

    This is a beautiful piece of sculpture, what about practicality? As architects are we not to build places for PEOPLE to use? As the building ages, tile exterior will likely capture a lot of air-borne dust and pollution, losing it’s clean sleek look. The interior is beautiful, until you put furnishings in it, then it will look cluttered. If this were a “machine for living”( i.e. the reference to Villa Savoy), where does one bathe, store their belongings and what does one do for privacy? What about weather protection on cold or hot days?

    This is why I always preferred the work of FLW – whether you like his style or not, he always tried to address all aspects of living – including storage and cleaning, a place to park the car, places for play, rest, and contemplation.

  • JapanObsess

    what a sexy-looking dental practice that is. I think I would look forward to having my dental check-ups if there were one like this round my area…for sure!

    Also, having your very own private pool in Japan…what a luxary! :-o

  • nicholasg

    blue-prints…someone ..please!?!? i want to build one of this in Europe..

  • lele

    a very japaness art work! a drifting cloud!
    sometimes it is necessary to indulge ourselves every luxurious dream!

  • tko

    whatever…but don't put that ugly taps(3) to provide water for the pool…sigh

  • felicia

    i love how the stairs go from glass treads to thin sheets, folded plates and finally thick volumetric blocks!

  • Patricia

    This is unreal. I have never seen anything like it.