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Suited Case by Erik De Nijs

Dutch Design Week 09: in Eindhoven this week graduate designer Erik De Nijs of Nieuwe Heren presents a set of suitcases that can be combined to form a sofa when not in use.

Called Suited Case, De Nijs aimed to produce something that reminds users of the familiarity of home whilst travelling.

The design includes four pieces of luggage that have been covered in fabrics associated with sofas.


Here's some information from the designer:


The ‘suited case’ is a project which is inspired on the idea of people waiting during their trip. People often go and rest sitting on their suitcases, that is the starting point of this design.

I created a living room couch which is built from a suitcase set. The set is meant for 2 people, consists of 2 pieces of hand luggage and 2 pieces of large luggage. These parts of the set can be put together as a couch at all times when there is waiting involved. So you take your own comfortable living room couch with you on your trip.

This concept came from a research on nostalgia during travelling. When a familiar object from home is taken with you on a trip you feel much more at ease. And which object is more familiar then your own comfortable couch.

The fabrics which are used to cover the suit cases emphasize the homely feeling. I searched for a combination of fabrics which amplify each other and which create a prominent image. By using prints on the large luggage and the pad on the hand luggage I tried to put down a lively picture.

Finally there are some typical suitcase elements, like a big zipper, handles and wheels. These elements show the suitcases when the couch is constructed.