Unit by Nosigner


Tokyo 09: Japanese designer Nosigner will exhibit a modular collection of furniture at Design Tide Tokyo from tomorrow.

Called Unit, the range comprises a chair, stool and table that can be combined to make various furniture forms.

Tokyo Designers Week begins tomorrow and continues until 3 November.

Here's some text from Nosigner:



UNIT is a series of interior, that is made of the same specification.

Combine the chair and the low table.

They transform into a bench.

Confine the stool and the chair.

They become a low table.

This series is a flexible interior solution that can be used in numerous ways.

(AWA : Motobayashi Furniture x NOSIGNER)

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  • i saw lot of similar a modular collection of furniture in the design blogoshere mais be some little differenciations in details…

  • m.

    simple and beautiful.

    charming details accentuate the pure shape and add emotion.

    i am very much looking forward to see it and the other new
    innovations by NOSIGNER at design tide tokyo.

  • sorry, did you see cecilie manz and her chair? absurd!

  • nal

    i don’t buy it…beautifully built pieces, but not a very thoroughly resolved idea in terms of the discussed combinations the pieces create and how useful those combinations are.

  • Tijs

    NO SIGN of design? Inspired by Richard Hutten?

  • or Frederik Roijé? I see Dutch design or “painted in Dutch design” everywhere now eg italy…They are quite good in conceptual design and in communication too….may be also in product design (see the last graduation gallery)…

  • mjw

    I like this. A minimalist innovative solution.