Latis collection by Omvivo


Thomas Coward of Omvivo has designed a collection of bathroom furniture combining timber, stone and solid surface.

The range features a deep rectangular bathtub, undercut at one end.

A wooden shelving unit nests in this space to complete the brick-shaped volume.

Stone basins rest on oak tables with either wooden or stone lower shelves.

Here's some more information from Omvivo:



The luxurious and sculptural new bathroom collection from Omvivo

Latis, the latest bathroom creation from Omvivo, is inspired by the fundamentals of tradition and quality. Uncomplicated, elegant forms combine with superior materials such as natural stone to create a luxurious contemporary range with eternal appeal.

The intention was to create a complete suite of luxury pieces that combine beautiful yet simple aesthetics with flexible design, suitable for a varied range of bathroom environments. The result is Latis, an opulent and sculptural range of bathroom products that will compliment both modern and traditional spaces.

Named after the Celtic Goddess of Water, the Latis range includes basins, the trestle vanity and a remarkable bath. The basins are available in round and rectangular designs with soft curves, in a variety of finishes. The deep bath features an optional timber end with practical open shelves. The bath and trestle vanity both have clean angled lines that contrast and compliment the sculptural form of the basins.

"The Latis forms borrow from the crafts… from spinning clay on a wheel to the traditional nature of the trestle. The material relationships create a sentiment of history whilst maintaining a contemporary sensitivity" Thomas Coward – Principal Designer Omvivo

“Consumers are moving away from disposable products that are fashioned and manufactured with a use-by-date. They are making conscious and considered choices, selecting products that incorporate quality materials and manufacturing with timeless yet unique design. Latis is an excellent example of this movement.” Peter Gaw– Manager Omvivo

Latis will be officially launched December 2009 and will be available through Omvivo distributors globally.

Latis basin materials: Natural stone and solid surface.
Latis trestle table materials: American Oak with matching timber, natural stone and solid surface shelf options. Other timbers are available on request.
Latis bath materials: Solid surface and the optional storage end is created from American Oak. Other timbers are available on request.
Manufacture: A combination of products made in Australia and Italy.

Designer: Thomas Coward, principal designer at Omvivo, explores the ongoing relationship between product and consumer, seeking to elicit an emotional response. These processes enable Coward to create unique outcomes with often hidden qualities that reveal themselves over time.

Coward moved to Australia in 2004 from the UK. In 2005 Coward was recognised as one of Australia’s top 50 emerging designers, and his Parli-me chair was selected as one of only 16 exhibitors for the City of Milan’s young foreign designers showcase. More recently, Coward’s ‘Dune’ basin won the idea 08 Product Fixtures and Fittings award in Australia, the Paris based Design and Design – ‘Product design of the day’ award and was published in the Design and Design year book.

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  • bodkin

    i love the bath but the basin / table combination is awful. and where does the waste pipe for the basin go? no sign of it in the photos. is that because it would spoil the photos? close but no cigar

  • J*

    To my humble experience, square bath = beautiful = painful = dirty in the corners. shame. I’d love one.

  • modular

    Where's the waste pipe?

    And… is this guy really called 'Coward'? lol….

  • aeolus

    The set conjures up the visions of pre-plumbing days with a basin on a bureau
    for wash up. I like that and with sensitive treatment for the entire room, an interesting variation from the usual clean room look. But the shallow large basin is really not practical even if it does carry the line of the bench. And oh yes, the drain. A mere technicality.

  • Marcus Des

    Like the SHAPE of the bath with the shelving but have to agree with J*. In combination with shelving this effect can be achieved with a more ergonomic bath too.

    Modular: are you really called “Modular”? sigh…

  • SJ

    hmmm…google “MENHIR”, by Paola Navone for FALPER??? Released at Cersaie 2008, looks kinda the same don’t you think?

  • RJ

    This is the most wonderful range of bathroom furniture I have seen in ages, very refreshing and I love the combination of materials used….I also love the photo set up!! Well done Mr. Coward :-)

  • nick r

    thomas is a fantastic designer.
    i love the basin, i think it is extremely beautiful
    for those wanting more, check out his ‘dune’ basin from the same company.
    i want one…

  • Ellie

    Amazing furniture Mr Coward. It’s a shame though that so many possible users do not think ‘out of the box’ or are not prepared to stray from boring when it comes to design. I think before they comment they should ensure they know more. A simple chrome bottle trap will deal with the waste and not detract from the overall design and I have a square bath and love it. Keep the good design work going and if you tire of down under, fancy bringing your talent back to Cornwall? We need you here….E