Small House by A1 Architects


Czech practice A1 Architects presented models and concepts exploring the potential for living in small spaces at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague last month.

Called The Small House, the exhibition included 1:25 scale models of their ideas, arranged on tables around a 1:1 installation of one concept.

The show was part of Czech design festival Designblok 09.

Here's some more information from the architects:


About exhibition „The Small House“ by A1 Architects

“Small Houses“ are the result of A1 Architects internal workshop, within which each of them designed several authentic houses.

We decided to explore the theme of limitless living in a limited space, all the ideas are presented by models in scale 1:25 and there is also one model in scale 1:1.

The main drive came from the ambition of finding and designing houses, which even though conventionally classed as small, hide inside a specific form of bigness.

We look for houses with a large content in a small package, houses with internal poetry.

All concepts were purposefully conceived independently of context and of the residents themselves.

Even so, in all of us remained the will to design buildable houses.

We wanted to avoid the unachievable utopian dreams of architects.

We did however realize that we subconsciously translate childhood memories into projects such as the joy of sitting in a tree or a moment of triumph after building a bunker in the back garden.

‘Small’ for us does not mean uncomfortable, inadequate and especially not minimal.

It means more inviting, human and cozy.

Size is not fate, size is choice.

Studio A1 Architects

The first projects by A1 Architects date back to 2003. In 2005 Jakub Filip Novák joined the already well functioning duo Lenka Køemenová and David Maštálka, A1 Architects as a creative workshop is beginning to form in Prague comprised of classmates from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (AAAD). In 2006 Marta Maštálková, an expert in the field of graphical design, joins the group of architects.

7th – 27th of October 2009
Gallery of Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design (AAAD), Prague
Jana Palacha square 80, Prague 1, Czech Republic

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  • internautas

    I totaly love it! Beautiful.

  • I love small spaces. Small houses, small cars, small cafes, small sofas…
    Beautiful projetcs/concepts. I would love to see them.

    Find interesting the “subconsciously translate childhood memories into projects” because I still have a few drawing of spaces i imagined myself when i was a kid, and of course, all them small.

  • SANAA influence is clear. Isn’t it ?

  • Very nice space experiments. I would like to live in the slip ‘n slide house. Where every morning the alarm goes off, sending you down the slide into an ice cold pool of water.

  • Cecekal

    Those are great small pojects and I totally agree with the childhood reference.
    Too bad the exhibition is already over!

  • bebo

    innovative, beautiful…

  • Daniel Fi3er

    Well done guys! love the overall micro-world feeling, nice atmosphere! Jen tak dal, at to slape!

  • tanya telford – T

    really like this project – non restrictive & inventive design for small houses.

  • Mark Harrison

    Size is not fate, size is choice’ is a powerful statement! I sense a T shirt coming on. Great project! A village community incorporating these designs would be an attractive community to live in.

  • Ernest

    i totally agree with you guys. i really like the idea of translating childhood memories into projects. wonderful thoughts….

  • Fantastico juego de volumenes y espacios

  • Veni

    I saw it – models have been poorly implemented, the elements together not sitting … the idea is already out – appearances can deceive…

  • ondrej

    I absolutely love it, simple, strong, funny, you have to make a book

  • thierry

    the project is really wonderful! enjoyed every single houses that displayed through pictures and technical drawings.

  • Tanja

    Love your work!

  • Troy

    I would like the slide house to go please!

  • reimo

    i would like the slide house to go (away) please!