Bread Shoes by R&E Praspaliauskas


Twin brothers and designers R&E Praspaliauskas have designed a collection of shoes made of bread.

Called Bread Shoes (of course), the products come in a variety of designs and dough recipes.

Children's styles are also available.

More information here.

Here's what the designers say:


That’s right, boys and girls! Put some romance in your “loaf” life!

Edible… dries itself… made from bread... first in fashion… needs no pressing…feels good in dry climate… won’t sag

Every pair is unique and comes with a best suitable, hand-picked cardboard box.

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  • Starck vision again translate by google translate

    “All young people today want to do this job, but how many designers in the world live? In 2009, ten live well, one hundred correctly, and the other is the galley … The environment is still dominated by the stars of the genre, even if the manufacturers would like to move it. In fact, we will probably attend one of nuclearization of activities.”

  • Henryep

    I agree with Tom. Lighten up guys. Its nice to see people have fun with design. I dont think they are being proposed as a viable product to take to market and make millions and set the next fashion trend.

    If nothing else it has sparked off a good list of comments from everyone…I like it.

  • Prof Z

    best post ranking in dezeen’s last posts : this bread shoes and Dejection-moulding by Manuel Jouvin… Bon appetit!!!

  • Marco

    Hey Guys I think this project is much more honest than many other design projects: This is just a game, an experiment. It doesn’t want to be functional or to be a product, and honestly I don’t understand how you can even discuss about it.
    Many other projects don’t work, the difference is that they “pretend” to work.

    I think it’s good that Dezeen pubblish some of this “art” work sometimes.

  • pa

    Let them eat shoes!

  • *MIRTEC*

    less is more


  • Xit

    Heres to a great ‘bluff’ post by R&E they got what they wanted

    Cheers !

  • adamd

    what the holy hell.
    It’s like something Nathan Barley would wear.

  • squeed

    this was done by HR Giger.. not exactly a new idea is it??

  • Tyler.


  • b.l

    if the poor people of africa or another places see this design-how we play with bread?we should thanks our god and we shouldnot play with this fortune-bread.

  • Beegoddess64

    Don’t be so worried about people starving while we make shoes of bread. This isn’t really proper food anyway. I think it is a good use of wheat-filled bread.

  • gabs

    They cost €12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good joke but, really, I could design and bake my own for €0.10 !!!

  • Genji

    Am I the only one who thinks that these shoes can’t possibly survive usage of even just a day?

    Had a good laugh though :-)

  • enoone

    Indeed squeed…H.R.Giger did it long time ago but in his case it had a meaning, because for him it was almost a “satanic” statement…

  • ellen wang

    i’ve seen many baker’s shops discarding expired bread or leaving them to birds, maybe they could give these to the designers for the bread shoes~

  • KR

    Love with bread shoes ?

    Are they serious ?

    Poor people have nothing to eat, and these idiots make bread as shoes.

  • J

    Are the “designers” of these shoes to blame other people are starving? No, so stop crying.

  • good conversation starter = good design?

  • Andyp108

    I cannot believe how seriously some people are taking this bit of fun. Lighten up guys, allow your stiff faces and hearts to crack a little and let some joy into your lives.

  • ktanleysubrick

    form me this is smart and funny. i have no porblem with ‘wasting’ the food’ idea.

  • Håvard

    A Norwegian comedian “invented” those years ago :)

  • somebody

    wow, I always knew that designers and architects has no sense of humor and takes their profession too serious.

    It is smack to the face, no?

    brothers are not even designers, and they don’t have their web because they don’t give a shit.

  • Onkel Munkel

    and an idea for comedians….

  • I can’t imagine using anything other than strong wholemeal flour for this.

  • Fizz

    Perhaps I could just SANDWICH a comment in here between much vitriol. This may not be the biggest thing since SLICED bread but if it does deserve the merest CRUMB of debate it should not be relating to the concept but rather the choice of materials.

    For me the CRUST of the matter lies in whether one should employ wholemeal or white flour – and organic at that. This may be a STALE subject for some but I feel quite relevant. As for the validity of this as Design, well… DOUGHn’t get me started….

  • Pablo

    Its a brilliant joke, a funny concept, a good laugh, lighten up guys!!!

  • Heh some time ago I’ve designed that:

  • bootchec I guess someone has knocked your shoe off
    the walk the walk or talk the talk. They sure are breathable.
    Generally I am not a fan of playing with food but we are in a content creating
    designer world and reading the comments I guess they made their content.
    I give this the thumb up. If they make something eatable with the center or at least feed the birds and sell it for a reasonble price(if ever, I think it’s only a content PR excercise).
    For the rest just imagine filling them up. I have am planning sandwiches like that in my next party.
    No difference with a Tramezzini, just a different shape & taste.

  • Karen

    As an award winning piece of design…
    I think it’s a “shoe-in”!

    They’re funny and cute. And I agree, lighten up peeps, stop getting all ‘toey’ about a fun idea.

  • Barnaby Twain

    …ideally complemented with TOE JAM perhaps ??sneaker cheese?feet fromage evan?

  • A bit of fun, but rather impractical. Wonder how comfy they are?

  • Cam

    Amazing how many people don’t have a sense of humour… or just plain don’t get it :p

  • Cam

    Very almost perfection! :D

  • Cam

    Some error caused my last message to appear on the wrong article… moderators please feel free to delete it! ;)

  • SillyBug

    While I don’t think that this will actually work, I liked the irony.

    Food is sustinance. It is what keeps a man and his family alive. And bringing food to the table is hard work. That’s why food is considered to be precious almost in a holy way in many cultures. Considering the food-shortages and the proportions of hunger suffered by people all around the world today, taking bread, this most basic of all food, underfoot looks to me like a statement of human beings losing perspective of what is really important and of priority.

    One can extend this to all loss of virtue, honesty and integrity, etc….

  • Darren Kwan

    Funny story;

    My Girlfriend and her best friend created bread shoes in high school when they forgot their pe shoes.

    Now a company has commercialised this successful innovation.


  • Mendy

    Hi there,
    I would like to order your products but I’m in Taiwan right now.
    Can I order it online and can you ship it to Taiwan?

  • I bet these loafers would be good for my bunions!

  • Haha,that is a misunderstand .What I seek ?women’s shoes . And what I look now?Oh, they are food in disguise .That is very nice. Thank your post.

  • Ram Flores, Laredo

    Good idea, probably more comfortable than Tortilla Sandals, Tamale boots or Chapati Flip flops :D

  • interesting,if they can eat??????

  • I don’t like eating that bread. I just want to put it at the center of our dining table as decoration.

  • Ellie

    Just think of the crumbs, Hansel.

  • Larias

    I’ll have another pair with athlete’s foot and marmalade thanks.

  • Cling

    These shoes look like they will give you “bun”ions.

  • peterf

    Should be good in winter, nice and toasty.

  • craig david

    Tiger feet? for my tiger loaf? Sorry, that wasn’t even funny.

  • Eric Lee Forsyth

    It’s time we put our foot down on gluten.