Dolly by Ross McBride for Normann Copenhagen


Tokyo designer Ross McBride has designed a porcelain cruet set for Danish brand Normann Copenhagen.

Called Dolly, the product consists of one rounded U-shaped object, internally divided into two chambers.

Here's a tiny bit of text from McBride:


Dolly is a porcelain cruet set, designed by Ross McBride for Normann Copenhagen.

With its round, feminine design, Dolly is a good example of a salt and pepper shaker that brings humor and originality to the dining table. Never again will the set be broken up!

The organic form, originating as a simple blob drawn on a napkin, belies the fact that it is extremely difficult to produce in ceramic with a barrier separating the salt and pepper chambers.

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  • modular

    This looks like a sex toy…. in fact, it can also spice things a bit! ;)

  • Meeeee

    is there a vibrator integrated in that thing ?

  • BRian

    Yes a vibrator that shakes the salt and pepper out!

  • Matthias

    Looks like a Rorschach test.
    There’s no wrong answer, gentlemen :D

  • Can i have a description of the sex act this would simulate? ;)