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Shadow Surface by Ateliermob

Portuguese architects Ateliermob have completed a cafeteria and shelter with circular holes cut into the roof at Sacavem, near Lisbon in Portugal.

Called Shadow Surface, the structure consists of a large concrete roof supported by three walls, providing a sheltered space for the residents to meet and sit in the shared courtyard.

The concrete slab, which was cast in-situ, is randomly punctured with holes to allow sunlight and rain through.

The single-storey cafeteria is positioned between this structure and a children's playground; full-height windows overlook the playground.

A lift and staircase at one end of the shelter lead to underground parking.

The project aims to unite the surrounding residential blocks.

Photographs are by João Morgado.

Photographs are copyright Joao Morgado and used with permission. See our copyright policy.

Here's some text from the architects:


The cafeteria and shadow surface project at Sacavem - in the periphery of Lisbon, is finished.

These works are very special to ateliermob, since it represents our first public work.

Integrated in the renovation of Av. do Estado da Índia (main traffic axes of Sacavém), we were called to design two different constructions in between buildings.

The cafeteria closes the children public playground and links different axes of circulation.

The shadow surface plotted on the top of the public square and over the parking, tries to thread and gather all the different content and functionalities of the square.