Aesop store by March Studio


Melbourne architects March Studio have hung 30 km of coconut-husk string from the ceiling of a new shop in Singapore for Australian skincare brand Aesop.

Designed in collaboration with Aesop director Dennis Paphitis, the interior was inspired by the twine used to tie the company's gift boxes.

The design also features cupboards made of marine plywood.

See Aesop's London store, designed by Ilse Crawford, in our previous story.

Here's some more information from Aesop:


In our Singapore store, thirty kilometres of coconut husk string, a regional product, was used to construct a dynamic whole-ceiling light fixture. When combined en mass, the seemingly insignificant threads mesmerise and remind one of airline magazine flight maps.

Aesop Director Dennis Paphitis says, "Geography, climate and light all inform which path we take with our design decisions. For Singapore, we referenced the humble ball of twine with which we wrap and detail our gift boxes. The entire store is framed with meticulously detailed grids that suspend twine from the ceiling. The idea is to work with a sombre material palette in an unexpected way. We’ve used coir matting as carpet and marine plywood to detail our storage units which conceal a palette of Corbusier-inspired coloured wall panels."

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  • luxor

    that’s a beautiful floor

  • heinrich

    Absolutely beautiful! However I can just imagine the dust that this will collect over time. Any idea on how to keep it clean?

  • mosi

    it is inexpensive and beautiful.

  • Wow great ceiling, also like the the storage cupboards

  • antonius

    looks like some traditional dancing girls from Hawaii without legs.

  • lior

    It looks very elegant and slick. I think that as a costumer it will be very easy to find the product you need as it is all in front of you.
    The ceiling which is taking a lot of attention looks like a good dramatic idea but (maybe) temporary because of the dust built up.
    Is the ceiling will be relevant and adaptable to the space incase the coconut-husk string will need to be removed?

  • This project is interesting and beautiful, if you look at the other Aesop stores by MARCH studio particularly the Flinders Lane, Melbourne Store which is made completely out of laser cut cardboard what ends up happening is elements begin to wear and sag and tarnish, it definitely loses its sharp lustre, but also ends up getting a really lovely temporal quality to the retail environment. The Aesop and MARCH collaboration is one of the most successful ventures out there in the global retail world at the moment.

    Well done!

  • norm

    it will burn like butter.

  • horrible haridas

    nice! im sure the store has a memorable smell to it…

  • Kathleen

    Is the rather large room thereby warmer and
    therefore cheaper to heat? If so, it may be
    worthwhile to renew or recycle the ‘thatching’
    every now and then.

  • What an elegant solution!

  • nick

    Aesop are so on brand with all their stores

  • dennis urgaratti

    Great ephemeral quality to the space – also very reminscent of landscape designer Sek San’s work. Just wonder how it got away with the crazy fire-safety regulations in Singapore…

  • yrag

    Love it! It looks wonderful!

    Like others however I wonder about dust.

    Even more serious is flammability.

  • Fiat

    Earthy friendly and original ! also dust spider and fire is something to be aware of.

  • i agree with yrag……however…very sheek and warm, inviting. good job :)