Rotterdam Market Hall by MVRDV


Construction has begun on a combined residential project and market hall in Rotterdam, designed by Dutch architects MVRDV.

Called Rotterdam Market Hall, the building will comprise 228 apartments forming a tunnel over the market hall, glazed at each end.

The market hall itself will house 100 market stalls, shops and restaurants.

1,200 parking spaces and a supermarket will be located underground.

Each apartment will feature a balcony on the exterior of the building and a window onto the market hall below.

The project is due to be completed in 2014.

More information on the project website.

Images are by Provast.

Here are some more details from the architects:


Construction Start MVRDV Market Hall

Today the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb and city councilor Hamit Karakus have officially started the construction of the new Rotterdam Market Hall. The arched building located in the centre of Rotterdam, developed by Provast and designed by MVRDV is a hybrid of public market and apartment building. Completion is set for 2014. Total investment is 175 million Euro with a total surface of 100.000 m2.

At the place where Rotterdam was founded, near the historic Laurens church, the Market Hall will be realized as a new urban typology. The Market Hall is a sustainable combination of food, leisure, living and parking. Fully integrated to enhance and use the synergetic possibilities of the different functions, a public building emerging from housing.

An arch of 228 apartments, of which 102 for rent, will create a large hall which houses 100 market stalls, shops and restaurants, 1200 parking spaces and an underground super market. The apartments will all have a balcony on the outside and a window to the inside of the market. Insulation will prevent any unwanted effects. The 40 meter tall and wide opening of the front and back will be covered with a flexible suspended glass façade, allowing for maximum transparency and a minimum of structure. The interior of the arch will display market produce.

The project with a total of 100.000 m2 is set to be completed in 2014 and part of the current regeneration of Rotterdam’s post war centre. Project developer Provast realizes the building, Unibail Rodamco invested in the shops and restaurants whilst Housing Corporation Vesteda will manage the rental apartments, making the building a socially integrated part of the city.

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  • Bob

    I think it is COOL, it seems like it would be a great place to live if you like to people watch.

  • Double D

    In these days ugly could be successful! So, the intentions of the project will determine if the architecture is good or bad……. Is not only what we see, is what it can do in the urban context….

  • Nico

    simple, basic forms, doesn’t always fit.
    the commercial branding of MVRDV is too much here.
    it turns to be just this, a kind of signature equivalent to a brand logo.

    They were able to do astonishing things exploring that but it ends here to be very boring.

    I think they are better doing residential anyway, except the expo pavillon which was great. Otherwise it turns to be a recipe that they exploit.
    I never visit any of their buildings, I’m wondering how well it’s done..

  • Javee

    Are those, giant pickles?? or jalapeños? i like jalapeños, oh wait!.. cucumbers??…..

    This design literally hurts, man…. i love MVRDV but im not so sure about this… i mean.. they have such great ideas, cool concepts and amazingly beautiful designs.. how did they come to this¡?? oh my god!! =/

  • kubrick

    It’s the Library at Alexandria for the first time again….

  • Guido

    Imagine getting home from your job at 7, market is finished and you look out the window and you only see a big mess on the market floor. Nice!
    Then it’s weekend and you want to relax a bit, you get annoyed by the sound of the market. Nice!

  • Berend

    OUCH! my eyes are burning! Hell, what is this abomination.

    Nice try Rotterdam, the marketplace sucks already as it is now. This won't make such a big change.

  • Nudge

    I like the idea in general, but I wonder how the area at the very top center of the arc works? Is it part of the apartments, or what?

  • J.D.Woodsworth

    The problem with MVRDV buildings is their scale. When it finally dawns on everyone how ugly this thing is, its going to be such a pain in the ass to get rid of it. Why couldn't they just make a small monstrosity?

  • nick

    The concept is great: an inhabited arch! That is striking.
    But the design is overly unfinished, it seems like we needed to bring Phillip Johnson to give it a top and bottom.

  • archpatrol

    A new Disneyland in Roterdam? oh yes, some might say there is a theory behind a certain poetical aproach… This is as simple as that: an ugly building done by pretensious architects. What else will they come up with, in order to generate some more controversy? MVRDV became lady Gaga of architecture. Definitely bad architecture, period!