Tafelstukken by Daphna Isaacs
and Laurens Manders


Dutch designers Daphna Isaacs and Laurens Manders have designed a collection of lamps made of porcelain and oak.

Called Tafelstukken (Centrepieces), the project was on show at Dutch Invertuals as part of Dutch Design Week last month.

Photographs are by Raw Color.

Isaacs and Manders also designed the exhibition for Design Invertuals.

Here's a little information from Daphna Isaacs:


Centerpieces (in Dutch: Tafelstukken)

The lamps are a contemporary translation of the classical centerpiece.

The centerpieces stand out by shining upon themselves and their contents.

Three quaint characters arise by using this combination of shape, material and light.

Material: porcelain and oak

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  • Miss l

    Ohh They are nice…
    But so are Benjamin Hubert’s one: http://www.dezeen.com/2009/09/21/heavy-desk-light-by-benjamin-hubert-for-decode/
    and also studio Ilse’s cast iron base desk lamp : http://www.studioilse.com/productdesign/wastberglighting/

    It is strange how some material combinations and shapes all pop up at the same time. Does it mean it was due?
    I do like them all though… More choice for us!

  • Like it! Very different from what i know. Thanks for this article!

  • Xit

    Hey Miss I totally agree, but IIse studio design was easily first, THEN came the trickle down effect with the late adopters…

    Ilse’s cast iron base desk lamp : http://www.studioilse.com/productdesign/wastberglighting/

  • ACFR

    Very nice!

    Miss l, they are indeed very similar, but all unique. My favourite is the heavy desk lamp!

  • tiffany

    Most close comes the light by Dick van Hoff for Tichelaar, also the first one:

  • Heee! I love the “I made it myself in my basement workshop” aesthetic, for true. Very nice.

  • Beautiful colourways, but I think all these new lights (including Ilse Crawford’s and Benjamin Hubert’s) are reinterpretations of a classic light by Terence Conran – the Maclamp … originally designed in the 60s I think … way ahead of its time … simple and timeless …


    Credit must go to TC he is a legend!!

  • Xit

    Well found Kathryn, and like you say credit to Sir Conran

    Although he forgot to put a red cable :)

  • They are tasty lamps, and that is a clever exhibition space.


  • G.A.

    I m not sure to understand the rules…the one who find the earliest design of this kind of lamp win???Can’t you just appreciate and criticize what you see? It’s not important to compare with what have been already done in the past otherwise we don’t design product anymore except electronics device!
    Anyway, I kind of like this design. Materials and shapes are well combined but I miss a bit of delicacy where the different shapes are linked. It is a bit too separated.