An Almost Ephimeral Autumn by Luzinterruptus


Spanish designers Luzinterruptus have created an installation in Madrid by attaching LED lights to leaves.

Called An Almost Ephimeral Autumn, the installation involved making the leaves appear to float by supporting them on wires and lighting from below.

"Finding somewhere in Madrid with Autumn at its best was hard but in the end we did," say the designers.

"For our installation, we lit 200 dry leaves and lifted them from the ground until it seemed as if a truly soft breeze of light had made the Autumn fallen leaves raise into the air."

More about Luzinterruptus on Dezeen:

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Luz Interruptus

More information on the desingers' blog.

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  • soooo nice!!!

  • anything that already exists + LED = new

  • horrible haridas

    :D the new designer equation! but i quite like the effect… one of those ‘what if I..’ ideas.

  • modular

    lol @ Warren

  • tluke

    it’d be better if they knew how to spell ‘ephemeral’

  • joninberlin

    Nice photos. The first image has something ‘mysterious’ about it. Reminds me a bit of T.Demand’s ‘The Clearing’.

  • angry catalan

    Pfffffffffffft. That’s all I have to say.

  • lior

    Look like magic, almost like a scene out of a fairy tale but in real life.
    Love it, and I think the designer should be applauded for its outcome.



  • These are the `pretty pretty’ efforts. Like pop music it just passes you by. No recall atall.
    Saw an effort like this in Australia years ago, with fiber optics.

  • LLC

    The concept isn’t about the LED lights at all. Make the effort to read their blog and get to know the artist!

    Luzinterruptus, through art, raise awareness about the state of the world today. They have focused alot on their own urban habitat Madrid.

    “We have already spoken at length about what happens in the long- suffering streets of Madrid, construction time and time again, publicity invading public spaces, where they sell every square centimetre for private events, stalls and an excess of terraces for consumption by those that can pay.

    Also, there is the issue of garbage in the streets, urine everywhere, the lack of green and the lack of art, the traffic… and a thousand more things which condition us to think that we live in a city that is raw, hurt and prostrated almost to death and to which the slightest graze produces a hemorrhage which is difficult to contain.”

    And for that same reason it was so hard for them to find a spot in Madrid with autumn at its best.

    This is not about gadgets and it’s about art.

  • Ema