Police station in Seville by Paredes Pedrosa


Architectural photographer Roland Halbe has sent us his photos of a police station in Seville, designed by Madrid architects Paredes Pedrosa.

Top and above images copyright Roland Halbe

The single-storey building is arranged around four arms, with cells below ground level.

Above image copyright Roland Halbe

White concrete walls are suspended over the glazed facade and shade it from the sun.

Above image copyright Roland Halbe

Here's some text from Paredes Pedrosa:


The display of the programme for this police station in Seville in a star shaped plan as a panoptic, has determined the image of the building.
As high-rise dwelling buildings surround the building, it’s representatice image towards the city is intended by means of a horizontal and extended volume that does not seem to touch the ground. A continuous suspended wall made of white concrete wraps the perimeter of the building. In this way, the glass is sheltered from the harsh sunlight with different depths for the different orientations.

Above image copyright Roland Halbe

The programme is organised in the four peaks of the star with the public areas right next to the entrance, all of them provided with natural light. The underground level hosts the internal areas for cells. An artificial green slope borders the volume, and a transparent glass fence closes the Police Station towards the city.

Architects: Angelo Garcia de Paredes, Ignacio G. Pedrosa
Project team: Alvaro Rabano, Alvaro Oliver, Clemens Eichner, Eva Urquijo, Djamila Hempel, Jorge Lopez, Cornelius Schmitz, Lucia Guadalajara
Architects on site: Angela Garcia de Parades, Ignacio G. Pedrosa, Alvaro Oliver
Technical control: Luis Calvo, Gonzalo Catedra, aparejadores
Structure: GOGAITE S.A.
Mechanicaal engineer: GEASYT S.A.
Location: Avenida Emilio Lemos/ Calle Medicos Mundi, Seville
Client: GIESE, Gerencia de Infraestructuras de la Seguridad del Estado
Contractor: JOCA Ingenieria Construccion S.A.
Programme: Police station and offices
Floor area: 3, 178 sqm.

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  • Form follows function, eh?

  • Nico

    dig it!.. very minimal and elegant.. plans, sections, etc should be posted too though.

  • Paul

    Crime rates soar as a result of a nice looking police station!

  • Laar

    The building looks very defensive.

  • gabs

    I think this is one of those projects that look interesting in plans, but once they get built all you see is a white box.

  • shima

    more interior pictures plz :-o

  • Charming design and excellent architects!

  • leandro locsin

    i cant believe international style is back! this is so 60’s. and i dont agree that police stations should have introvert spaces.

    curbed should be bashing on this by now.

  • dk

    form looks like it is reflected that police office is opening to the public.. but in the aerial view, it doesnt look like it is like that.. it is all closed.. i think it is a bit pity

  • peppy

    nice building…
    the building open itself on the ground floor to the surrounding public space…

  • This type of sublime architecture can only derive from the mind of a Mediterranean architect..

  • yrag

    stepienybarno Says: “Charming design”

    Wow. I don’t think I possibly could see it more differently.

    The shots of the interior and under the entrance way shows some style, however the exterior seems cold, impersonal, almost harsh to me. Not at all what I would think the police would wish to communicate, anymore than doilies and floral chintz.

  • Miguel

    Paredes & Pedrosa are from Madrid, and Madrid is not in the Mediterranean Sea… Wladimir; I think the conexion you made between sublime and mediterranean mind is a little bit loose and full of cliches…