Beijing Noodle No. 9 by design spirits co., ltd


Here are some more images of a noodle bar in Las Vegas by Japanese studio design spirits co., ltd, one of the winning projects at The Great Indoors Awards last week (see our previous story).

Beijing Noodle No. 9, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, won the Relax and Consume category of the awards.

The walls and ceiling feature white-painted "woodland-patterned steel".

Photographs are by Barry Johnson. Here's some text from design spirits co., ltd:


Design concept: Beijing Noodle No.9

This modern Chinese restaurant, Beijing Noodle No. 9, is located within the huge casino hotel holding more than 3,300 rooms in Las Vegas. The restaurant is adjacent to the casino; consequently, the excitement, gaming machine sounds, and neon lights are naturally overflowed into the space.

In general, a space usually consists of various interior elements, materials, series of products, and patterns placed appropriately. Taking advantage of no support columns in the site, the Beijing Noodle No. 9 utilizes the only one pattern throughout the space to achieve the minimal and visually calm atmosphere set in the heart of a surrealistic environment.

Because the restaurant is situated next to the casino, an isolated space cooling the excited customers down is not ideal. Therefore, the boundary between the restaurant and the casino should not be clearly defined but subtly celebrated. In other words, restaurant should become not only a respite but also an extension of the casino.The restaurant incorporates the subtle boundary bringing the fading casino sounds into the space to create the inviting welcome to customers. Since the open design facade allows the sounds in and out, the one primary arabesque pattern is applied to the entire space to produce visual calmness.

As customers walk into the space, they will undergo the visually and physically "unblocked" entry experience, and are comfortably led past the sparkling aquarium tanks to the deep part of the restaurant. The gorgeous double-wall design features the elegant arabesque patterned layers, consisting of one woodland-patterned steel decorative surface above a painted similarly patterned solid back, with glossy finish. This design creates the arabesque shadow effect, and the wall continuously extends to be the ceiling, which generates a soft cocoon-like interior experience. By placing LED indirect lights between the layers, the arabesque patterned shadows are appeared on the tables, floor, and kitchen appliances to accomplish a cohesive design throughout the space.

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The overall dining experience, supported by brightly lit ambient light, envelopes customers in a sensuous embrace. Dreamy lighting contrast projecting the wonder of deep forest, and secrets of the ocean conquers the sounds from the casino to create a visual serenity.

Beijing Noodle No.9

Designer: Yuhkichi Kawai
Location: Caesars Palace, 3570 Las Vegas Blvd, South, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109, USA.
Client: Caesars Palace
Realization: 30th Dec 2008
Use: Chinese Restaurant
Site Area
Bldg. Area: 350
Interior Finish: Wall & Ceiling: Plaster Board. Painting Pattern Base Finish. Laser Cut Steel Pattern with Painting Finish.
Floor: White Ash Pattern Wood Flooring with One Third Urethane Gloss Finish.
Ceiling: Plaster Board
Surface: Frost Glass

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  • Eduardo

    really cool design

  • Mark Twain

    A place for surgery.
    Not for eating.
    Icy, cold, senseless.
    I woldn’t get inside. Kind of ill-lighted place.

  • Oooh, very nice and dreamworldy.

  • nico

    I would be eating my noodles with a visual-overstimulation headache

  • Far too much going on… Its like doing a magic eye picture without finding a pretty sailboat at the end!

  • Martin

    Interesting, but hardly a place to relax. I wonder if a walk through here would pass the Harding Test..

  • Emily

    I love it! Las Vegas ornamental overdrive updated without the old vulgarity.

  • oh yes ! so fashion

  • Jeff

    I ate here a couple weeks ago and some of the goldfish were dead. So sad…

    • Mushyjuju

      hardly surprising, far too many fish in those tanks

  • ed

    hi design spirits,
    did you see this one?

  • ana

    at the entrance there sould be a sign saying 'people with diagnosed epilepsy enter at your own risk'..some interiors are just pushing too far their purpose..just because designer is trying to do something new, one should not forget that interiors are created for people to spend time there without having some psychological consequences afterwards..:)

  • BCell

    This interior looks as if it's under water with light dancing all over. I don't think it's over designed, it's just too much beauty for some people to handle!

  • esh

    The patterns on the ceiling look good, but they should have avoided using the same on the walls too. Too much for your eyes to handle! It’s suffocating.