Godiva Chocoiste by Wonderwall


Japanese interior design company Wonderwall have completed a chocolatier's shop in Harajuku, Japan, where chocolate seems to drip from the walls and ceiling.

The lower section of the downstairs walls is painted white, contrasting with the chocolate-coloured paint that appears to seep down from the moulded ceiling on the second floor.

Designed for chocolatier Godiva, the two-storey shop has a glass front making the effect clearly visible from the street.

Photos are by Kozo Takayama.

Here's a little bit of text from Wonderwall:


This is Godiva's new concept flagship store. Godiva's idea was "treat thyself". Wonderwall's intention was to add a breath of fresh air to the more traditional image Godiva instill. The shop features humorous design details such as "melting chocolate" ceiling combined with the primarily classsical interior design. The boutique's popular and fashionable location of Harajuku has also been considered in the overall design. Passers-by can view both its entrance as well as the costumers enjoying their time with chocolate on the second floor cafe.

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  • “Wow that wonderwall idea was something I thought about just a few weeks ago,and here I am just walking by and read up on thus and here it is!”.

    My idea was to put some colour up and still be able to clean the floors in my living place.The floor cleaners splash up and carry harmful chemical sometimes and I was woried that may burn off my paint.”So painting was tricky at 1st, but I ended up looking like a pro designer with ulgy space once and now I can’t stop thinking where other then my bathroom could I splash up!”.

  • I want to like this more than I actually do. The ceiling in that first shot’s pretty fab but I don’t like the wall drips. They look too neat. More mess, say I!

  • charlie chan

    only in japan……. these things would be realized…

  • noviardi prasetya

    great idea !, i really like chocolate…., but the chocolate should be a bit more crazy,… don’t you think ?!

  • Leonard

    is it 3D rendering ???
    or real photo???

  • Gunnar Á.

    Tasty idea but the dripping walls are to much pattern like and not delicious enough.

  • john lautner

    yes, the depth of field on the specular is really realistic

  • see also cholcolate plateby the same designers

  • it’s chocolate painted walls , and statagtites of chocolate on ceiling. may be too much ? We are far from Yoshioka, from japan style
    I my dream space i prefer to use french plates and stickers on walls and some chocolate chef d’oeuvres as Fukazawa selected for 21 21

  • keti

    Yummy!!!!! :D makes you get great mood and appetite :)

  • Likely idea

  • I love this!

  • rashid

    the shop front is interesting! the interior is one of the ugliest i’ve seen! and cheep colors lets say..

  • Steve jobs

    Remarkably similar to a few stores in Singapore by chris lee’s Asylum ‘chocolate research facility’ How embarrasing for a designer like chris to have got there before the geniuses @ wonderwall…. Or did they indeed???

  • Pleasantly surprised because they have used from our company http://www.viccarbe.com, Last Minute Stools designed by Patricia Urquiola.

  • Kelly285

    Its so cool! Magical chocolate journey… good way to entice consumers to purchase more chocolate!