Dezeen's top ten: Dubai projects



Since Dubai has been in the news a lot recently, here are our ten most popular stories about projects in Dubai. Guess what? Karim Rashid is at number one with his Switch Restaurant (above).


2: second place goes to Dutch firm UNStudio for the Museum of Middle Eastern Modern Art.


3: in third place is the Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower by architects Chris Bosse and Tobias Wallisser of LAVA.


4: fourth most popular is a kilometre-high tower by architects Woods Bagot.


5: X–Architects of Dubai come in fifth with an urban complex called Xeritown.


6: Dubai opera house by Zaha Hadid is seventh most-viewed.

7: next up is Waterfront City by OMA.


8: another project by OMA, this time a 300 metre-tall rotating skyscraper.


9: a cloud-shaped resort on slanted legs to resemble rain by Atelier Hapsitus is in ninth position.

10: Dubai Opera by French architect Jean Nouvel concludes our top ten Dubai projects.

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  • John

    Does the fact that all the images are 3-d renderings say something? All of these projects will make Dubai what? The place of the future? Some of these projects are really good and clever but i find it too much!!! I find it quite funny on the second image where you see a futuristic building and in front two people with the traditional costumes… Such a bold contrast.

    • john

      thats their national attire you moron… not every one wears baggy jeans and t-shirts… many countries have their traditional dress code also known to many as national dress. open your ignorant brain and read geography. people take pride in their dress…

  • B

    image 8 is not what is sais it is
    it was grcic ot the style park in cologne a few years back
    way to intelligent for dubai

  • RIP

    well.. may all these projects rest in piece

  • Jehiel

    The name of the traditional clothing seen within the picture is kandura. Although many may find it strange, you would be surprised to see this type of garb currently worn in Dubai within the cities very modern/bold architectural landscape. I can appreciate UAE for retaining its cultural roots as it outpaces, in some respects, even the west in its architectural achievement… Now if they could make it more affordable for regular folks like me I would go more often. :-)

  • Yeah, Jehiel. Dubai has outpaced the West even in its dependency on debt. Kudos!

  • kaptnk

    Urg. Dubai.


  • Will


  • perfect for karim rashid. dubai is like his design. just a clowd of nothing. just taste.

  • Tayab

    Should have perhaps focused on buildings and projects that have been completed, nearly complete, or will actually be made rather than fantasy BS like the cloud resort.

  • m

    up close and personal, karim rashid’s design always looks like cheap plasticky sutff…

  • So spectacular design!!
    Yesterday I saw the film 2012, the scene is so shocked.
    All the high building collapse in a short minute!

  • dead end in Dubaï ? next turn China…

  • oren

    dubai= 21st century babylon…

  • bibendum

    Stillborn projects to be soon forgotten in some dark alley of any uni library.

    Dubai was never anything else than a synthetic dream born from laundring dirty money, speculation, digital images, false promises and post-modern slavery.

    And some think Dubai outpaced the West… what a lot of crap, Dubai went nowhere, there’s nothing but an unfishished city in the desert….where nobody wants to live anymore. It’s just a big waste of money…

    China in the last 20 years did 10 times better, they built real cities for people to live in.

    The UAE half-built 3 or 4 ghost cities.

  • INawe

    I’m gonna go ahead and say 90% of these will remain unbuilt. Guess which one gets realized. ;)

  • I was thrilled as anyone else at the prospect of this desert fantasy playing itself out–until someone pointed me in the direction of various exposés highlighting the indentured slave labour harnessed to make these a reality. Depressing really…

  • Love the karim comment naroska!

  • Dubai-style

    For everyone who has replied to this post:

    Have any of you actually been to Dubai? Your replies are a bunch of clichés.

  • just back yesterday from one of our architecture tours in Dubai.
    Most of these will probably never go up. Many of the new buildings have been put on hold and will never actually go beyond the rendering stage (for better or for worse…), others have been redimensioned or construction work has slowed down to normal standards (not 24 hours a day 6 days a week), other building sites have come to a complete halt.
    A lot of the recently completed towers have not received authorization to be delivered so as not to put more real estate onto an already difficult market where property prices have dropped 50% in the past 9 months.
    still fascinating to visit dubai

  • Nell

    Mikaela- who are your resources??

    according to RERA all these projects are not canceled and will continue to be build. and even it is still on hold that still does not mean they will not exist in the future.

    and even if we assume that the projects are only ideas, i think coming with such ideas wither they are implemented or not; is worth seeing and worth talking about :)

    Remember success always start with a great idea. :)


    Nell, I think you are very optimistic. I don’t know if you are living in Dubai or not, but I do, believe me, NOTHING will happen here, pay attention to Mikaela. Most of the residential towers are empty cause there is no peopleeee!!! Manny many people lost their job and they are going back to their home countries!!
    Talking about resources I can say: My best resource is my experience in Dubai.

    BTW I like the renders, but unfortunately they are only renders.