Rroomm by Ninkipen!


Architects Ninkipen! have renovated the interior of a clothing shop in Osaka, Japan, by lining the walls with fake doors.

Called Rroomm, the project features eleven doors, only one of which can be opened.

Existing doors have been filled in with concrete or replaced with mirrors, and additional doors leading to nowhere installed.

Photographs are by Hiroki Kawata.

Here's some more information from the architects:


This is the design for the clothes shop in Osaka, Japan.

First of all, I have increased the number of doors by planning new rooms in the direction where existing doors line up.

Next, I have mixed the fake doors in them.

The guests can open only one door among eleven doors, but they can imagine the world exists in doors.

They are three kinds, ‘DOOR’ not connected anywhere, ‘MIRROR’ shows the door came off, ‘Concrete’ shows the door buried.

I tried to get the space connected endlessly by the way not physically.

Project name: rroomm
Architect: YASUO IMAZU/ninkipen! Architect office
Use: select shop
Location: Osaka, Japan
Scale: 73.44㎡

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  • ste

    strange (really strange) approach… the result looks nice nontheless

  • kaptnk

    Civil engineer here.

    Presumably it’s the fire door in that picture which is the one that opens?!?

  • Ka Yiu

    This looks very odd….. are they trying to go for a illusion effect or something? some people get extremely confused traveling in a building then this shop must be hell for them. i was expecting one of the doors to open and lead to a endless bottomless pit of death.