Super contemporary interviews: Sheilagh Brown

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In this video interview filmed by Dezeen for the Design Museum in London, fashion designer Sheilagh Brown talks about the beginnings of her career in London and the new opportunities that mass production brought to the industry.

The interview was filmed for exhibition Super Contemporary, which was on show at the museum from 3 June to 4 October 2009. The exhibition included a dozen interviews with key London-based designers filmed by Dezeen. More about the exhibition here.

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  • marion

    Hi Shelagh,

    I wonder if you remember me from Harrow Art School in the 60s. Something made me think of your name but I wish I had your email address. I was in your class doing dressmaking and design from around 1964. We were quite good friends and you might remember me. My name is Marion and I was quite rebellious! You went out with Bob Blagden, if I remember rightly.

    Love to hear from you, if you ever get this meessage.