Mini by Designerette


Design studio Designerette of London and Amsterdam have created a scaled-up version of a doll's house tea service.

Called Mini, the full-size teapot, cups and saucers are made of porcelain and retain the shape of the tiny originals.

Here's some text from the designers:


Here's some more

Driven by the influence scale has on the image of our daily use objects, Mini is originated from a porcelain miniature dollhouse teaset, brought back to human scale to fulfill its original function.

Designerette is a young design studio, currently working in London and Amsterdam. The works balance between art, craft and design. They contain recognition and estrangement at the same time. We are showing things that could not be, but try to put them in reality anyway to make the observer think about all those 'things' we surround ourselves with. If we are drinking tea, then why not from a pretty cup ?

The transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional and the overlap between the dimensions fascinates. The playing with scale and tactility challenges us to make new designs, trying to figure out how far we can go in bringing the real to fake, unrealistic, as if drawn.

To use that estrangement to the fullest without losing concept and function is the challenge. The works are mainly three dimensional, but based on drawings and graphics, it speaks the language of things that are not real to persuade them into reality after all.

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  • Cr

    Tineke Beunders did this two years ago, see image 4 / 9. Nicely done though.

  • modular

    Auch… Cr is right. This is the exact same thing.

  • tweetertweet

    Everybody did this two years ago. . . Tineke Beunders sure wasn’t the first.

  • JC

    a scaled up dollhouse tea cup has been done by front design 5 years ago also

  • Bloseph

    Eh, its still f’ing gorgeous. I’d buy it if any of these numerous people making them ever decided to sell them.

  • there was also another dutch designer who did this for graduation work , duker is her name i think.

  • fish fingers

    Lots of designers have done interpretations over last few yrs ie. stacking tea sets, trophy shaped tableware, cake stands etc – this is aesthetically v nice tho not sure about the stabilty in last pic

  • Love these, they just look so soft and cudly. And it gives adults an excuse to play doll house.

  • DaniELLA

    I know some people alredy done such things but to me it stills beeing a nice thing to have things like taken out of cartoons, surreal stuff and use them everyday