Pretty Vases Collection by FX Balléry


French designer FX Balléry has designed a collection of brightly-coloured vases that look like sections of plumbing pipes.

Called Pretty Vases Collection, the objects are made of PVC for French brand Domeau&Pérès.

Photographs are by Fred Dumur.

Here's some more text from FX Balléry:


Pretty Vase Collection

Design: Francois Xavier Ballery for Domeau&Pérès

Domeau&Pérès are are collaborating with FX Balléry in order to launch a collection of totally new vases in many shapes. FX Balléry has chosen these sections of water pipes in PVC and has drawn his inspiration from construction games by using the object in a novel way from its original function.

According to FX Balléry "This collection of vases is the perfect human adventure between Domeau&Pérès and myself."

It is a spontaneous object, a surprising micro-architecture composed of industrial materials which reveal a new version of DIY: ultra-modern, the Pretty Vase collection is lacquered, and can be adapted according to your wants and needs. The useful becomes beautiful, and durable.

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  • bleh

    Fun. Pretty colours.
    Don’t know whether the vases look nice with flowers though.

  • modular

    I love these. They are funny. They are happy. They are “different”. Nice choice of colors as well!

  • sk

    a collection of bongs

  • Capstick

    …or the art of trying to make cool our traditional waste. Happy Christmas for everyone!

  • Mark Harrison

    Errr they are pieces of plumbing, some folk just need to get out more!

  • It is fit the names – concept “Pretty Vases” cool idea to turn waste to pretty waste! these collection need to find the right flowers to create pretty fun happy atmosphere:) wondering will the price is pretty reasonable or not!

  • It would have been more interesting if they were made, of porcelain, made to LOOK LIKE PVC.
    I think I’ve got an idea?

  • James

    Great, but Boym Partners already done it in 1999

  • julius eastman

    PVC is one of the most toxic chemicals known to man. why use it for these vases, when they could have gone in a new direction and used ceramic or porcelain as someone stated above. what’s so special..??

  • My dad is now retired, but he used to own a factory here in southern California that dyed yarn for the textiles industry. These shapes bring back a lot of memories from the factory!