6x3 Burr Puzzle Table by Petar Zaharinov


Bulgarian architect Petar Zaharinov has designed a table consisting of interlocking wooden slats.

Called 6x3 Burr Puzzle Table, the piece is held together by notches in each beech component and requires no glue or nails for assembly.

Here's some more information from Petar Zaharinov:


6x3 table is a 18 piece interlocking structure. It is made only of wood and glass, no metal or plastic parts, nor gluing is involved, just a reciprocal frame and a transparent top. It consists of 6 types of wooden elements, 3 pieces of each. It is assemblable and disassemblable, allowing easy transportation.

Project: 6x3 table
Year: 2009
Material: beech wood

Posted on Sunday January 10th 2010 at 12:32 am by Natasha Lyons. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • hugo

    i see a future classic in the design world, and it’s not that often

  • great … what an intelligent construction ….

  • Long Tran

    awesome design. great prefab package!

  • jj

    Tectonics of this piece are SO interesting: fundamental geometries make the structure legible.

    The frame does appear to get in the way of it’s use as a table however.While a large enough diameter could be used, there’s something very authoritarian about taking the circle, which has infinite tangents, and confining the users to compartmentalized seating spaces.

  • DN3

    Good concept, but you cant sit!! No room for chairs and legs!

    • .P.

      it's probably more of a side table?

  • R

    Hm, where do the chairs go?

  • IKEA should get on this… and I mean it in a good way

  • Would be better as a coffee table if the geometry could work at 18″ height. Reminds me of a tensegrity structure.

  • Nikola

    love love love love LOVE IT! Finally something that isn’t kitsch and that makes sense ! BRAVO!

  • edward

    if only everything we see on dezeen could be this intelligent. such a beautifully achieved piece of work.

  • Manuela

    This is the most uncomfortable table I have ever seen.
    For me it doesn’t make sense and is not intelligent as a result just because the structure itself may be so.

    btw: what happens if I surprisingly find a way to use this table. Is it really rigid enough with all those pin-jointed nodes?

    • J S

      Umm there is no pin joints, they just slot together and are held because of the reciprocal forces shared around the shape. And its obviously a coffee table, as it is called on the designers website : http://www.pesheto.org/6x3_table.html#

  • Edgar

    It is possible to fall in love with construction, but I hate function: all dhis wood in place of arms, al these krossings in place of legs. nice toy, but not so nice table

  • xtiaan

    there seems to be lots of comments regarding this as a dining table size object
    whilst Im seeing it as a small coffee table
    once again dezeen shows us a beautiful object with no regard to showing scale making it impossible to have an informed opinion. You guys continually do this.
    thanks again dezeen.

  • james

    lots of people are commenting that there is no way to accommodate chairs or peoples legs under the table, but it seems to me that this is obviously a coffee table.

  • toth arpad

    wonderfull concept,
    inteligent ansembly sistem,no glue ewerything is the friction force..

  • Cairo

    I love it. Beautiful design, and yes, a coffee table definitely.