Confiserie Bachmann by HHF Architects


HHF Architects of Basel have completed the interior of a café and chocolate shop with a mirrored counter in Basel, Switzerland.

Called Confiserie Bachmann, the interior is predominantly white and features chocolate-coloured furniture.

The project involved re-orientating the layout to face a covered walkway alongside the shop.

Photographs are by Tom Bisig.

The following information is from HHF Architects:


Confiserie Bachmann, Basel
Coffee house and chocolate shop

Renovation of the Confiserie Bachmann flagship coffee house and chocolate shop. Confiserie Bachmann is Basel’s most traditional and most famous chocolate manufacturer, specializing in high-quality sweets.

With this renovation, the local, but in Switzerland well-known brand has received a bright, elegant, and contemporary expression that adopts the characteristic qualities of the previous chocolate shop despite the visible changes. The renovation optimizes its location by reorienting itself anew to not only the street, but also around its corner to the covered passageway with outdoor café seating.

An inviting café bar flooded with light, as well as the arrangement of the glass sales cabinet, the counter, the furnishings, and the bright colors, create a new openness to the street and the covered passageway. Although the space is small, the renovation creates a spacious, yet intimate atmosphere with the use of reflection and color.

Atypical of chocolate shops, the white color of the shop creates a light and spacious feel that is balanced by chocolate-colored furniture. Additionally, the offsetting mirror system embedded into the main wall reflects diagonally to create perceptive depth and complexity.

Project: HHF architects
Team: HERLACH HARTMANN FROMMENWILER with Markus Leixner (project architect)
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Program: chocolate shop and coffee house
Area: 93 m2
Finished: 2009
Client: Confiserie Bachmann AG
Images: Tom Bisig, Basel

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  • Matt

    Looks very clean and a nice place to eat. Love the fluidity of the mirrored counter but the square pendant lamps seemed to jump out at me and ask why am i here?

  • the detailing of the staircase is really bad

  • angry catalan

    The chairs and the reflections on the counter are nice, but the rest is extremely boring.

    Also, as a much more personal choice, I don’t really like white for restaurants, cafes, and so on. It’s nice for pretty much any other kind of building, but for some reason I like restaurants, and even shops, better when they’re kind of dark. I think it’s because the perimeter of the room becomes less well defined, and also because of the contrast with the street. I don’t really know.

  • gab xiao

    a very elegant place! I’ll have it on my list when I go to Antwerp

  • jen

    I’m sorry but i found it boring.

  • It’s not in Antwerp, it’s in Basel (Switzerland). …and it’s really a nice place.

  • I love it. I think the mirrored bar is beautiful and I like a nice white space for a cafe. Maybe not for a late night bar where it needs to be more intimate but for this purpose it works well.