Crudo by Barbara Busatta, Dario Buzzini,
Robin Bigio, Martin Meier and Oliviero Zanon

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At Maison & Objet in Paris this month designers Barbara Busatta, Dario Buzzini, Robin Bigio, Martin Meier and Oliviero Zanon will launch a collection of glass and ceramic tableware.

Called Crudo (Raw), the collection will be produced by Italian brand Atipico.

Here's some text from the designers:


Crudo Collection

The work will be presented for the first time at Macef in Milano in Jan 15-18 and Maison & Objet in Paris in Jan 22-26, then produced by Atipico, a young italian manufacturer focused on craft and simple products for living.

Crudo Collection comes from the enthusiasm and talent of five designers who share the will to narrate and reinterpret the purity of the everyday gestures throughout the preciousness of the material and its transformation.

The Collection explores the different facets that the word "crudo" assumes, both in the food and kitchenware realm: "crudo" is the simplicity of homemade food, it's the honesty of tastes and and flavors of Italian peasant cuisine, it's the vegan, assembled and fashionable raw food.

Ceramics, terracotta and glass embody all those aspects and render them into a simple, honest and elegant collection.

Crudo Collection is designed by: Robin Bigio, Barbara Busatta, Dario Buzzini, Martin Meier, Oliviero Zanon.

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