117 Housing Units by LAN Architecture


Paris studio LAN Architecture have won a competition to design a residential complex for Mouvaux, France, with their design for terraced housing.

The 117 residential units will be clad in various patterns of brickwork, visually breaking the development down into smaller elements.

The project will comprise 84 social housing units and 33 private residences as well as a few shops.

The project is expected to be completed in 2013.

Below is some text from the architects:


New constructions’ urbanization potential and their capacity to integrate the history and the morphology of the city hosting them constitute the major challenge for new built-up areas.

Our strategy takes into consideration this point and other themes as town houses, cars, definition and hierarchical organization of public and collective spaces as well as environmental quality. They are integrated into the project to produce new sustainable urban models. Analysis of uses and architecture types composing the urban morphology of Mouvaux quickly led us towards the conception of a hybrid model, an intermediate housing environment able to conjugate desire of intimacy as well as sociability.

This choice is legitimated by the scale of the constructions already composing the district and the city’s fabric. This new intervention must consider this environment.

A new urban typology

The project’s aim is to build new buildings presenting the same qualities and facilities of a single family house by adding collective spaces. We imagined several spatial systems leading to create a rich and diversified image for each program’s part.

We consider the project as an entity, where every single element has its place and a specific role in the general district’s composition. The relation between the container and the content is inverted and the new buildings become tools defining public spaces.

History and identity

Since Middle Age, inhabitants of Mouvaux were essentially dedicated to the textile industry. The new housing fronts decline patterns based on the geometrical work of the fabric. By observing attentively, it seems evident that the fabric, the “serge” and the satin always existed in the drawings of the brick of the North, and in the different ways they are displayed.


Construction of 117 housing units (84 social housing units and 33 private housing units) and retails
Location:  centre ville de Mouvaux
Client:  acarat – Groupe G.H.I. – Notre Logis
Cost: €12,1 M
Timetable: 2009 - 2013

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  • Maria (Venezuela)

    LOVE IT.

  • simonstar

    very very nice koncept. great work!!

  • internautas


  • Joshua Nelson

    The use of materials is heroic~that is I feel the role of the architect here certainly has captured historic elements with the variety and eclectic desire of current design. However I feel that the great graphic designer has cleverly used a white site model which saturates the variation in the bricks colour and assembly. I will be interested in seeing how this holds up in the real world.

    Amazing work though-


  • Maria


  • Kieran Reddie

    …do it!!

  • rdeamer

    awesome!! good sense of both variety and consistency, and history and contemporary

  • andy

    Me like. I’m continually impressed with LAN lately.

  • J*

    Nice concept, but it is a reality check that the houses around the development won’t be clean-white… how does it look like in the middle of the real-life thing?

  • chase

    would love to see some sample plans and better sections

  • mikaël
  • cacas

    woooow! low ego project! I see respect with the city an for the leaving, contemporary and (a lot of work) !

    well done LAN!
    sorry for my bad english

  • Alex Hawkey

    Beautiful – It makes me happy to see design like this happening.


    very nice they just made bad architecture look good
    i really wont to see this done in Australia since all we use to build houses is bricks with stupid pitched roofs.
    DO IT!

    DO IT!

  • st.st

    well the concept seems indeed to be quite nice, but if you look at the village[which is quite nice btw] in street view you notice most of the city is indeed really “bricky” but also only one or two storey high, the big buildings which are really few have 3 storeys and most of the direct surounding, like the part of the “block” it completes has only 2 levels….
    I guess this is not the architects fault but part of the competition brief, but mhhh….. mistake?

  • SVS

    Ok the censorship is a part of Dezeen. Impossible to read a negativ comment about a project even if this comment is argumented.
    This project is a fake concept. It is BORNEO but without genius…

  • maurka

    house like house, love it!

  • Nessim Weissmann

    What about porosity? The floor facade seems very poorly fournished.
    It doesn’t respond to the street’s problematic, or walls are the only answers here ?
    What about programmatic mixity ?
    Facade demonstration, no sensibility around this project…