Atlantic Sofa by CuldeSac
for Bernhardt Design


Spanish designers CuldeSac have designed a sofa using techniques borrowed from automobile manufacture.

Called Atlantic Sofa, the piece has a dark wooden base and upholstered leather seat.

More about CuldeSac on Dezeen:

Olive oil bottle (December 2008)
Lamp upholstered like a chesterfield sofa (April 2008)

Here's some text from CuldeSac:


“The Atlantic sofa, designed by Culdesac for Bernhardt Design, explores a new language which we have coined “Technological Virtuous”, as it integrates technology and technique. Its design is based in the automobile manufacturing, a contemporary industry that was developed along with these premises. By integrating the wood structure and the upholster, we have achieved a unique sofa, which is perceived as a whole.

We wanted to explore a new language between the wood structure and the upholster, we wanted to explore the way both materials communicate with each other, based on words like: Integration

For this we coin the term “Technological Virtuoso “ as a concept of integration where the combination of the pieces conform and are perceived as a whole.”

Designed by CuldeSac™
Produced by Bernhardt Design
Materials: Wood structure covered by upholstered cushions

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  • BRian

    I perceive it as two pieces :)

  • One

    Very beautiful.

    I wonder if the series include more diversty in sized, … I hope so…

  • AJ

    A darker color wood would have been more appealing.

  • João F

    Very nice indeed! I would buy one…

  • Elegantly simple, I like it

  • jj


    It may just be the lifeless setting in which this was photographed, but this chair does not look comfortable. It looks like it fits the human anatomy well (or vice versa), but it also looks uncomfortable to relax in. Good for hotel lobbies I suppose.

  • Gravy

    I think it looks comfortable.

  • I don’t understand the different from other

  • ego sum paganus

    all this talk of auto industry, I’m looking for the seat belt.

  • The design is pure and there is harmony between form and function, very beautiful design!

  • CK

    harmonious lines
    colours match the soft and gentle personality of the form
    simply elegance