Neil Barrett scenography by AquiliAlberg


Italian studio AquiliAlberg created angular scenography for fashion designer Neil Barrett's catwalk show in Milan last week.

Models appeared through an angular tunnel that extended out to form a backdrop for the show.

Photos are by Fabrizio Marchesi.

More about AquiliAlberg on Dezeen:

Shift Housing (March 2009)
Vertigo Lounge (September 2008)
Twist House (April 2008)

Here's some text from AquiliAlberg:


Neil Barrett, presenting his Autumn-Winter 2010 collection on Sunday, January 17th, chose to collaborate for the first time with AquiliAlberg, a Milan-based architectural and design studio. The designer chose two of AquiliAlberg’s sculptural installations as a background for his latest fashion show.

The Neil Barrett AW10 collection highlights the designer's specific style by cutting garments up and splicing them together in new ways, horizontally, vertically and from back to front to create HYBRIDS. Set against the sculptural backdrop designed by AquiliAlberg, the collection is also a nod to the myriad ways that architecture influences dress.

AquiliAlberg's installation – an innovative interpretation of space – is a variation on the design studio's work for “The Fragile City” exhibition at Triennale di Milano. AquiliAlberg studio’s designs are open to different interpretations. A series of sliced surfaces generate a complex, yet controlled volume, obtained through three-dimensional digitalisation.

The configuration gives the sculpture character, and wraparound lines create multi-faceted volume. Individual perception of the space, which has a kaleidoscope feel, differs according to physical position. This search for spatial complexity has its roots in Optical Art. Neil Barrett has always been fascinated and inspired by architecture, interiors and the crossover between these areas and fashion. In 2008 he opened his Concept Flagship Store in Tokyo, Japan, using architectural curves and layers.

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  • luca

    I like the shell. It fits very well with Neil Barrett design. Please post more photos… it would be nice to understand more

  • daniele

    Beautiful sculptures… well done guys!!

  • sara

    Nice to see architecture and fashion design influencing each other. Neil Barrett is just great! I love it

  • david arena

    seen quite a few fashion shows and rarely is architecture intergrated in them.
    Seeing this installation makes me wonder why it doesnt happen more often!
    Looks realy great!
    Just goes to show how well fashion and architecture complement each other and how similar their language is.
    to put it bluntly it looks COOL!!:)
    hope it inspires others to follow.

  • jessy

    It seems like models are coming out from a shell…nice!

  • Carlos

    How ironic… I was actually there for the fashion week (nice to be in Milan that time /unfortunatly to freezing) but i couldn’t get in…too full plus I was too late due to Westwood show. What a pity. Nice to see it here at least. Looking forward to next Neil Barrett show and AquiliAlberg project then.

  • sara engstrand

    That looks fabulous!!! Seems like Milan is the place to be!! Wish I was there!
    Great job AquiliAlberg crew! You too Neil:):)

    Looks awsome!

  • Alice

    Very dynamic… I love how the structure blends with the bodies! It seems like the shell is guiding the models direction! A hybrid motion!
    Great job!



  • super

    amazing. At last a scenography that pays a tribute to achitecture. Hope to see more from them

  • Jason Clark

    Seems like someone got overshadowed, and im not referring to AquiliAlberg:)
    Looks Good Guys!!

  • onvn

    Love the slight turn! I’d love to see a video of the models walking out of the backstage to the runway. With their sudden appearance around the corner as they walk out. The turn is a classic architectural tool to create a sense of anticipation.

  • BRian

    Architecture has been influencing fashion and visa-versa for a long time.
    Check out: