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The Birth by Studio Job

Artists Studio Job have opened a gallery space in Antwerp with an inaugural exhibition featuring their own projects.

The designers opened the space, located on the ground floor of a former cigar factory, in December 2009.

Called The Birth, the inaugural show continues until 18 March.

The space will then host exhibitions of work by other designers selected by Studio Job, including fashion designers Viktor & Rolf and Belgian Designers Bram Boo.

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Here's some more information from Studio Job:


A Criminal Gospel

On 18 December, internationally renowned designers and artists Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets will present their new initiative: their own exposition hall, in the heart Antwerp, where their atelier Studio Job – in addition to an office in the Netherlands – has its home base. The expansive industrial space is located on the ground floor of a former cigar factory on the Begijnenvest, not far from the museum quarter in het Zuid.

Under the title The Birth, this first exhibition presents exclusively work by the duo itself. Because, despite the fact that the style bible Wallpaper crowned them designers of the year, Time Magazine included them in their Top 100 most influential designers, and their work has found its way to museums and collectors the world over, Studio Job remains an unknown in Belgium.

The space is also intended to function as a platform and refuge for others: artists, designers, curators, galleries and museums. Just as Smeets (°1970, Hamont-Achel, Belgium) and Tynagel (°1977, Bergeijk, the Netherlands) cannot be reduced to the status of artists or designers, but rather occupy a unique position somewhere between, Studio Job cannot simply be described as a gallery. “Call it a chameleonic space”, says Smeets.

The exhibition The Birth extends through 19 March 2010. Then follow projects with Dutch fashion duo Viktor & Rolf, and Bram Boo, not coincidentally another Belgian designer who, like Studio Job, has remained unappreciated in his own country, and whose work floats just as in intangibly between art
and design. - Max Borka, Berlin, November 2009.