Paddling Home by Kacey Wong


Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong has created a tiny floating house as part of the Hong Kong & Shenzhen bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture.

Called Paddling Home, the structure measures 1.2 metres in each direction and floats atop four barrels.

The exterior is clad in pink tiles and features details Wong associates with Hong Kong housing.

Wong launched the boat last week in a performance that included playing golf on the roof and fishing.

The biennale continues until 27 February.

More about Kacey Wong on Dezeen: Tin Man bed for homeless people (March 2009)

Here's some more information from Kacey Wong:


I just created this project call Paddling Home now showing at the 2009 Hong Kong Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture in Hong Kong that run till 2/27/10.

Paddling Home is a 4’x’4’x 4’ minimal dwelling loaded with Hong Kong style architectural details such as pink tiling, protruded bay window, exposed sewage pipes and air conditioning, stainless steel gate, local deities (earth god), etc. It is sitting on top of 4 blue barrels as floatation system often seen from local fish farms.

Last week I took the boat out and did a performance on the Victoria Harbour against the magnificent Hong Kong skyline.

The local real estate commercial often boast their property have 180 degree view of the harbour and now my property finally beats them all since my apartment have 360 degree sea view.

I was able to do some fishing and golfing on my private roof garden that day, a daring operation and very exciting indeed, enjoy.

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  • you know what else is totally amazing? The boat in the background in the second picture. it’s like the tiny floating garden to go with the tiny floating house.

  • horrible haridas

    …. looks like its straight out of a kim ki-duk film.. i love the naval uniforms.. these guys are having some fun out there!

  • Joshua Nelson

    the boat in the second image is far more seductive isn’t it?

  • tomdata


    • Kenneth

      Well, a Hovercraft (or a speed boat) is the finest option as knowledge can help you to reach the extremely right.

  • gab xiao

    it’s really funny! I enjoy the AC unit and the tiny rooftop golf turf – both common items of the Chinese urban loci.

  • The spark of a genius walks among us everyday but most go on unoticed as often as the rare white koalas of Australia.Maybe the best genius is the one who forgets the world is watching and becomes a vessel of wonders. If you have time take a look at Kacey as he is being in his world at his state of relax.

  • Torp

    Cuban rafters fleeing cuba would kill for one of those :)

  • charlie chan

    Wow….. Asians are so much more wild with these fantasy real-life architecture.
    What am I doing here in NY?

  • miguel


  • slater

    Um, this guy is nuts and brave! I gotta say, the harbor there is much too busy for me to set sail on such a small boat, house, thing! I gotta say though, if I was on the ferry passing him by, I’d not only take some photos, I’d give him a round of applause, way to go!

  • LOW


  • LOL this blog post just made my day

  • Nothing bits humour and fun in design!!! Can’t wait to see his next invention – Brilliant.

  • The second photograph with the little boat with a tree on top is done by Anothermountainman (Stanley Wong) and it is call Heaven ON Earth, the image of this boat looks very zen against the skyline of Hong Kong, his creation is an Chinese utopian vision where as mine is all about material culture of living. Thank you for all the great comment, I like the reading of seeing the Heaven and Earth as my private tow-alone-garden, a lovely idea.

  • edward3ah

    yeah what’s up with that floating plantation (2nd picture)???

  • Patrick

    It looks inspired by Monty Python… too funny….. I wonder what the toilet looks like????

  • Sooooo Coooool!!

  • FAN tastic.

  • dan

    absolutely love it. the garden boat is lovely too. the shot of him playing golf against the skyline is my favorite. fish farm barrels = great!

  • Very cool !

  • ivoirebraconnier

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i would like to see some pictures of the inside of the boat though.

  • beso

    it’s cute, but i can’t help wondering…. if it rains or he gets tired, that man’s gotta probably crouch down in his little house,… and that’s just sad.

  • Darvin

    The strongest of the species that survive (sadly the most creative that die first). I mean the boat and its captain..