Moebius House by Tony Owen Partners


Australian architects Tony Owen Partners have created a house overlooking Sydney harbor where one wall loops over the roof and down the other side to become a first floor terrace.

Called Moebius House, the building has a steel frame clad in metal panels.

Here is some more information from the architects:


Moebius House

This family house faces onto views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

The house explores the maximisation of light, space, ventilation and views on a tight sight. We are exploring a more environmentally sensitive form of design called ‘micro design’.

Micro design utilises parametric modelling software which can respond to very small changes to design input criteria. In this case issues such as maximising ventilation, views and efficiency of structure and minimising impacts to neighbours views and overshadowing were the key design criteria.

The unique form is a response to the requirements to maintain view and solar corridors. We started by responding to the site with a series of movements which folded and twisted the space in order to maximise the changes of level, view opportunities and potential for connectivity to outside spaces at various ground planes.

We created a dynamic model capable of responding to changes in these variables and allowed the models to run in real time. We then stopped the model when we felt we had a model which satisfied our concerns.

The house has a fluidity of space which is a direct result of having a strong relationship with the surrounding landscape.

Automotive Assembly Process

Due to the complex geometry of this house and the need for such fine tolerances, we had to evolve a completely new system of fabrication and assembly for this house. We started off designing a house, but in the end the construction process more closely resembles that of a car.

Early on it became apparent that this house would have to be detailed and documented entirely in 3 dimensions. The steel frame house is clad in metal panels which were pre-cut in China. In a traditional house the floor and walls are built first and the roof is added. The Moebius House is being assembled around a chasis like a car would be.

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  • very fantastic concrete work …. but for me it’s a pretty ugly house … I don’t like those “ufo-houses” … not my favorite style – sorry ;)

  • bebo

    i would realy like to see the view from the house..because the oppinings and the design of it does not seem that much of a panoramic or opened, or maybe we just need to see plans..!

  • m

    It’s not worth the name Moebius House

  • Rounding the corners a bit is not enough to name your house design “Moebius”; a pretty ugly one at that, too.

  • chris

    why would it be relevant to be living in a moebius loop?

  • dA

    fantastic to see this built in sydney – interesting form & resolution. however… I’m yet to be convinced of it’s generative (parametric) design qualifications – look forward to hearing more on Tony’s design + manufacturing of projects.

  • Nice party house

  • stavroula

    the overall form is very attractive but it needs much more space around to show off! It’s stuck between other residences in a regular neighborhood, not exactly the right object in the right place!

  • I’m not so sure about the casual brandishing of the “Moebius” moniker. This is what, the third or forth (at least) built project with this name? What makes it “Moebius” and not just another folded ribbon?

    Certainly, the description of the parametric model evolving in real-time and then stopped when the architects liked the result is a more evocative and original ideal than that of moebius?

  • T Sandwich

    Someone already did the Moebius House….and this is even less of one!!! Architects need to stop using mathematical metaphors!!! — it’s an embarrassment to the discipline.

  • CFAY

    erm, I thought a Moebius strip was a surface with only one side and only one boundary component ?? Less Ben van Berkel’s Mobius House, more just a strip.

  • gabs

    I hate to be such a party pooper, but UN Studio’s Moebius House is so much better…

  • gab xiao

    although neat, the house features a very confusing language: zaha + Austin Powers + ushida findlay. the result shows a happy suburban down under life fuelled by cocktails and cultural vacuity…

    i love its innocence though – one cannot find it here in the exacerbatedly stiff, decaying u.s. corporate culture…

  • Roger Emmerson

    “Folded and twisted space”? Where do these guys get their notions from? It’s a 3-storey house with bendy walls

  • sc hu yl er

    this is the new retro.

  • torres

    actually i like the shape of the house..its fantastic..the interior is superb but the pool area is totally ugly

  • Stravolla

    The house is FUGLY… The Loop the loop trend is so over….get over it. There are too many geometrical moves in the house. And PLEASE don’t call it a Moebius when it doesn’t even at all resemble a Moebius band. (This metaphor is an insult to those styuding the mathematics of topology and is an embarrassment to architects!) Some spatial juxtaposition in the house are interesting though…

  • jan

    great exercise to build anything,
    but how is that parametric, technology transfer, elastic, liquid and all this other blurb that every first year AA student writes about as well?
    big wannabe blurb , ugly house,
    china version of ben?

  • Bozo

    Drop the obvious parametric lies and call it what it is. The cliche house.
    Kudo’s for having it built up there anyways. But Gab’s right, the language is very confused with no coherence.

  • Christine

    I like the risk in design. I don’t see why the metal pannels had to be cut in China though. Not the best place for a nursery either!

  • Q

    =D congrats for this!

  • krimane

    exactly, what a nice party house.
    I can almost hear the deep house beats, the smell of smokes and could even notice the white powder on the side of the glass table :)