Mama Look by Anna Kraitz


Stockholm 2010: Swedish designer Anna Kraitz has designed a sofa for furniture company Kallemo with a leather belt strapped around the backrest, which is on show at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this week.

Called Mama Lock, the sofa is 'wearing' the designer's own belt, and is part of a body of work exploring Kraitz' relationship with her young daughter.

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Here is some more information from the Anna Kraits:



The belt around the back of the sofa is actually my own favorite belt, and thus – through the belt –  my sofa is an extension of myself. I like the thought of having accessories even on products – not only on clothes.

I have earlier been working with a serial of vases in porcelain (called "early bird") that illustrated my mornings with my daughter and this sofa is in a way a continuation of that project. The legs on the sofa illustrates a kind of pantalettes.

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  • ha ha- this is really cool sofa, such a chic design.
    very impressive indeed.
    also look at anna’s website – really cool stuff….well-done!

  • renee r

    immm…ive kind of seen this type of thing around – tho this is a bit more sentimental

  • Phijel

    mmm…I see… why don’t you lie down on the sofa and tel me about it …?

  • KaptnK

    I like it.
    I don’t think it’s the intention, but It seems like quite a dark piece to me, quite S&M/Bondage with the leather belt. Like the sofa is being tied up.

  • wpgmb

    hmmm. more art piece than furniture. what happens when the belt gets taken-off?

  • For why? It makes one part of the sofa mighty uncomfortable cos who wants to rest their back against a big hunk of belt-buckle metal?

  • oxo

    c’mon! If you don’t want the belt, go to ikea, it’s also swedish. But this is very nice and sensitive work. congratulations!

  • Jeff

    Sentimental. A taste of WILD An´CRAZY… But at home… Not really something you want to rest in OR sit in. Where`s COMFORT?

  • mbina

    this is cool, very relaxing and comfort………….able, I hope?