Friday by Reinhard Dienes


Designer Reinhard Dienes of Germany has designed a pendant lamp made of tinted blown glass and pressed aluminium.

Called Friday, the design features brightly coloured flexes and was shown at imm Cologne last month.

More about Reinhard Dienes on Dezeen: Tonic furniture (January 2009)

Here's a little text from Reinhard Dienes:


Suspension-Table Lamp

Two traditional techniques convene to create the Friday Lamp. The combination of pressed aluminum and blown glass produces a unique and interesting composition. Friday is used as a suspension or a table lamp generating an warm pleasant light.

Tinted glass and aluminum


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  • http://deleted amsam

    As pendant lamp: 7; as table lamp: 2.

  • green

    Ohhhh as pendant 9; as table lamp: Just beautiful!!!!!!

  • maximumcity

    is his work available anywhere?

  • Flynn Talbot

    Nice form and good to see pictures with the lights actually turned on.

    What's the light source?