Air Vase by Torafu Architects


Torafu Architects of Tokyo, Japan have designed a paper container that can be stretched into a vase, plate or bowl.

Called Air Vase, the product comes as a flat disc with perforations that allow the user to pull up each side into the preferred shape.

The paper is a different colour on each side so the vases appear to change colour when viewed from various angles.

Watch a movie about the project here.

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Photographs are by  Satomi Tomita.

Here is some more information from the designers:

Air vase

This is a paper bowl that enfolds air. You can freely change its shape by molding it into a dish, a small bowl or a vase according to the intended usage.

The thin and lightweight paper gives strength and resistance to the bowl and allows it to be folded compactly when not in use.

This intriguing bowl will catch your eye as the colors on each side of the paper create a different impression every time you look at it.

Caution: Refrain from pulling too hard on paper to avoid deformation and/or tearing. Keep away from water, dampness or moisture.

Instructions: Holding the center in place with one hand, gradually lift rim all around.

Stretch wall further while holding vessel from the bottom to make a bowl or adjust to desired shape.

Principal use: Paper product
Manufacture: Kami no Kousakujo
Design Period: 2009.10-2009.12
Construction Period: 2009.12-2010.01

Duration: 2010.01.29-2010.02.21
Designed by  Torafu Architects
Manufactured by Kami No Kousakujo

Dimensions - Package Size: 200 x 200mm / Bowl Diameter: 193mm
Materials - Core: IllumiColor / Package: PP / Cardboard: HSK Ivory
Color: Yellow, Blue

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  • Wow.

    These look amazing!

  • As long as the paper’s not so thin as to make it impossible to shape it into the desired form, the effect can be quite sharp — light with color. I like the ideas of using to alter the look of a standard vase or as giftwrap too.

  • LOW

    I saw the vid.. this is one of the wickedest things I’ve ever seen

  • Both simple and innovative. Interesting, delicate effect. Japanese design always amazes me…

  • I wonder how it would look in black or any darker colour that brings the silhouette out.

  • TTD

    where can i buy these?????

  • hana

    i want them in all the colours of the rainbow.i heard from the designer the next colour they will make is bright pink and beige. i want black too.they are so cheap and you get 3 in a pack!

  • Susi

    I just saw the Air Vase on TV (NHK World) and had to search the web for it – I love it.

  • Jayne Cakici

    Where can AirVAse be purchased within the United States?

  • heaven heaven heaven!
    I love the raw paired back aesthetic that pervades the Japanese design experience.
    Count me in – I’ll take two.
    Top marks!

  • Ha! That’s awesome. I like the caution paragraph “Caution: Refrain from pulling too hard on paper to avoid deformation and/or tearing. Keep away from water, dampness or moisture.” How much are these and where can we get them?

  • heidi

    Id love to know where to buy this beautiful airvases. Anyone who knows, plese let me know. Thank You.

  • London

    You can buy them in the V&A shop if you are in the UK.