Postcarden by A Studio for Design


London designer Aimée Furnival of A Studio for Design has created a series of greetings cards that fold out into miniature gardens, in which the recipient can grow cress.

Called Postcarden, the designs include a seed tray and cress seeds inside an illustrated card, featuring a botanical garden, allotment or cityscape.

The text below is from Furnival:

Postcarden is a delightful new product designed to bring the joy of gardening to your home or work.

Combining gift and greeting card, Postcarden is a fun and simple way to grow a mini-garden on your desktop, windowsill or sideboard. Send a friend or loved one Postcarden and introduce them to the life-enhancing ritual of caring for a plant.

You don’t need a degree in horticulture to cultivate Postcarden’s easy-grow cress seeds - the simple pleasure and pride of guiding your garden from germination to growth is educating, engrossing and entertaining.

Postcarden comes on three different designs. Escape to the sanctuary of your Allotment; experience the grandeur of a Botanical garden; or brighten up a drab City landscape. Each setting also comes with a specially commissioned illustration by an inspiring selection of young artists.

Each Postcarden set contains the cardboard scene, inner growing tray, packet of cress seeds and step-by-step growing instructions. The contents come neatly contained in Postcarden’s unique packaging, featuring the exclusive illustration on one side and a postcard-style space for the recipient’s address and sender’s greeting. Sending Postcarden to a loved one in the UK only requires a regular large letter stamp.

Postcarden is designed and produced by A Studio For Design, a London-based company with an enthusiasm for creating unique gifts for thoughtful givers. Looking to open up the world of design to a wider audience, A Studio For Design produce well crafted and reasonably priced design items for everyone.

Postcarden is printed in Wales and uses locally sourced cress seeds and inner-packaging material.

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  • i would love to receive one of those…

    I wonder if it would be an expensive package to ship though, the box looks big enough to hold maybe 20 regular postcards…


  • These little cards are so cool – I plan to buy some to send to my clients, a lovely simple idea – if only real gardens were this easy to build.

  • M


  • Dead good and about the same size as a normal London garden

  • This is wonderful!

  • These are so cool. I want to plant hundreds of them around my office.
    I think a larger scale version would also work quite well as a gift box, with perennials in them, made of laser cut steel.

  • Z

    Will be embedding my eco-conscientiousness right onto the window sills with this one. Brilliant work.

  • Tony

    These are an interesting idea. I like the idea of putting the idea of gardening out there again.
    If it was to be used at a larger scale, it i was thinking it could possibly be created out of recycled plastics. could be a nice way to upcycle plastic!

  • laura skeeters

    That’s poetic!
    This is a great present for thousand occasions.
    I hope Aimee will make million out of this idea.
    She deserves it.

  • J

    what a wonderful idea, i assume you can also eat the cress?

  • I want it!

  • NhungNguyen

    This one is so cool. I love it so much. Wish i could have one.. ^^

  • NhungNguyen

    how ’bout the material? are they made by only one material? :D i hope to see another choices for this so cute design…

  • Fanny Tam

    I need it

  • ann

    Hi there,
    In case you want to add it to your current post, has Postcarden for retail sale in the USA. Postcarden is scheduled to arrive April 6 and will ship quickly after. We are currently taking backorders.


    Yes, I work for B5+10.


  • angiewong

    Does anyone know where we can purchase a postcarden in Hong Kong?

  • Gara

    bad idea. Look! Russian guys conducted an experiment with this card ….

  • Vanessa

    Doesn’t anyone where the seeds come from?

  • Sue