Built to Resi(s)t by Quinze & Milan
and Eastpak


Milan 2010: Belgian design brand Quinze & Milan will present a sofa covered in pockets for backpack company Eastpak at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan next month.

Called Built to Resi(s)t, the furniture will be upholstered in heavy fabric, and feature zips and handles normally associated with luggage.

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The text below is from Eastpak:


EASTPAK takes its high end collaborations to the next level. For the first time ever, EASTPAK has joined forces with a furniture design label and is presenting a range of exclusively upholstered lounge seats.

Called ‘BUILT TO RESI(S)T’, the product line combines abstract QUINZE & MILAN shapes with authentic EASTPAK product characteristics, including bags, zippers, handles, colorful strong fabrics and popular prints. The result is a fashionable collection of strong seats with a brave, distinctive look that will blend into any contemporary setting.

As great minds think alike, QUINZE & MILAN meets EASTPAK in a contemporary special edition furniture collection, resulting from a successful cross-disciplinary collaboration between both in-house creative teams. The authentic design values of modern iconic QUINZE & MILAN collections merge in a synergetic mix with classic EASTPAK styles. This first range will include special pocket-padded versions of QUINZE & MILAN design classics CLUB SOFA 01 and PRIMARY POUF 02. Various pockets are incorporated onto the seats and provide storage for your books, magazines, reading glasses, laptop, iPod, headset, remote control... Whatever you can think of can now simply be pocketed in your sofa.

By creating functional and genuine designs for a relaxed lifestyle, QUINZE & MILAN and EASTPAK are both renowned over the world, famed for their unique products, toughness & functionality. Art, music, fashion, life experiences and the dynamics of a constantly changing visual culture are their main inspiration when bringing products to the market that wow the crowd.

The project will be presented to the international public at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile during Milan Design Week from 13-18 April 2010 in Milan, Italy.

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  • uuuuuugly! why anyone would have that at home baffles me! hehe

  • This is the best seat design I’ve seen in years. I want not one but many!!!

  • Xit

    A teenagers dream come true, pockets for cheese puffs, remote controls, tissues, condoms, Rizla, lighters, pizza money etc etc

  • Berenyi

    Want! /in black, of course…/ Strong, detailed, clever. And nice!

  • Michael

    Couch cushion users must be angry everywhere!

  • pipo

    Belgium powa

  • Sma

    Nice collaboration, i like how the already nice thought out functionality of these two classics came together. i love the handles!

  • Gravy


  • ch-85

    I want to be 13 again and put my school books in it, throw it on my back en ride on my bicycle to school with it. I’ll be the man for sure, with a couch backpack! It would be really nice during lunch breaks!

  • What!?

    I’ll give it a few month before you’ll see a knock off of it available at Target, for their back to school section. It’ll sell there for sure.

  • miki

    Just I needed! Love it!

  • I dont like the idea big bag in my living area! enough of school years! LOL

  • Velma

    it was only a matter of time

  • strieblinger

    seems they have cleverly interpreted 90s Lemonheads song ‘the outdoor type’…
    …if just Evan Dando could see this !!!

  • underexposed

    i want it…you don’t have to put it in your living room, and you don’t have to put school books in it! it looks great…another color perhaps, but it looks awesome!!
    and again…wanna wanna wanna :)))

  • RQH

    Brilliant and beautiful.

    I wouldn’t put it in a living room obviously but it’s a really smart idea for a children’s bedroom or play area. If I ever have babies I’ll have this too.

  • Damian

    the water color sketch was the climax of this project.

  • Al-Ishaq

    Now if this could actually be folded and unfolded or if it was a real bag then it would be a good idea…now its just mediocre.

  • rocknroll
  • cool design but it looks a little weird to me ! hehe