Ron Arad: Restless - "It would be nice
if a lot of things were moving"


In this third of four films Dezeen made to coincide with the Ron Arad: Restless exhibition at the Barbican in London, Arad explains why he wanted movement to be a key part of the show.

In the movie, Arad shows us the small mechanisms created by his ex-students Tom Foulsham and Valentin Vodev to agitate the furniture pieces while on display.

Watch Arad talk about has background and upbringing in our second movie.

Take a tour of Arad's north London studio in our first movie here.

Dezeen is online media partner for Ron Arad: Restless, which runs until 16 May. Click here for info and tickets.

Posted on Wednesday March 17th 2010 at 12:51 pm by Brad Turner. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • I so want to watch this, but it just wont play right, I can really understand what they are sad!

  • jack the ripper

    great idea…

  • eye+

    another over-exposure of a regular person.. this ron arad exhibition hardly contains 3 interesting objects yet it is all over the web. this branding strategy is what riuned the english art scene and now their doing it with design.