Hand in Hand Clock by Yen-Wen Tseng


Taiwanese designer Yen-Wen Tseng has designed a clock where the hands are linked by two more pivoting arms.

Tseng created the design while studying at Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm.

More about Yen-Wen Tseng on Dezeen: Handlebar Candlesticks (February 2010).

Here's a little text from the designer:

My name is Yen-Wen Tseng, from Taiwan, and now study at Konstfack, Stockholm.

What a new relation between hours and minutes could be?

What else could a clock look like?

I try to find more interaction between two hands happening on a clock, not just two lines connected to one point.

On Hand In Hand Clock, there are four hands connected to and influenced by each other.

That gives time a new appearance in reality and in people’s mind.

Posted on Friday March 26th 2010 at 11:25 am by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Karlis

    very cool, but hard to say what time it is.

  • Great concept! Fresh approach.

  • Confusing yet exciting.

  • kareem karawia

    i liiiiiike the most

  • D+

    Wowww,so nice
    i am think what will it give if is los in a space and whit a light on it!!
    Can you buy it some where?or order it?

  • clever – well done!

  • oscar

    I would love to see the shape drawn on the wall if the pivot point of the meeting arms had a pencil attached. I suspect it’s an off-centre circle – its axis shifted by the different lengths of the arms. Intrigued.

  • michelalano

    It’s interesting, but I still like the “other” hand in hand clock: http://www.handinhandclock.com . I like how both designs encourages the association of shape or symbol with time. For instance, we could begin to associate the perfectly rectangular shape with 3:00. The other hand in hand clock, I think, does a slightly better job of this simply because you truly have to re-learn how to read it. Reading this clock simply involves ignoring the outer two connected hands and reading it as a regular clock.

    I like the idea of time as sculpture that is ever-changing.

  • Yem

    Brilliant! Perhaps it would have been easier to tell the time by using a different colour like red or white to differentiate between the ‘time’ hands and the ‘link’ hands. Great stuff!

  • junihaoni

    this is simply stunning. by joining the two hands, the traditional clock metamorphosizes into something deeper; creating interesting and calculated patterns; rather than a mere time-telling object you dread to see every morning you wake up.

  • susana

    this is amazing yenwen

  • ads

    Instead of making life easy for us, designers are making life complicated. In the name of cool we pour out absurd designs by the numbers. I thought looking at the time suppose to be an effortless act.

  • Reminds me of a somewhat less successful version of Tristan Zimmermann’s Oblique Clock that was making the rounds some time last month. At least the Oblique was a little easier to read, and the clock mechanism wasn’t so blatant.

  • Brilliant. Though I agree that at certain angles, the time is difficult to read. Different colours would help. Original

  • redtelephone

    Absolutely fantastic and arguably much more intriguing than the other handinhand clock mentioned above. constantly shifting shapes making time a creative force. Inspired.
    Will someone please post if they know if/how I can get my hands on one…

  • Scott Normand

    @ads, Maybe this design is drawing our attention to time and making us think more about it in an effort to make us realize how important it is, and how little of it we have.

  • Airborn

    @ ads
    You are right, usually it does. But there are occasions when you could contemplate time, prefer a home cooked meal above fastfood , an adventurous holiday as opposed to a package holiday , walking instead of driving a block with the car , watching a documentary rather then a mini-series . All more complicated and all more rewarding.

  • Filipe


  • cacas

    how much?? arte+funcao.. muito bom!

  • ton

    Hej Yen Wen!! this is great!
    i like it a lot!

  • great concept! put the black box behind a facade so we can see the fourth intersection!

  • sam

    moving art, endless sculpture, where can I buy this art around the clock?

  • Carol

    I love it! love the approach.

  • eye+

    nice idea, I would work more on the details. the shapes could become very elegant if done well.
    what about adding a third arm for the seconds? that would turn it into one hell of an animation!

  • FEW

    @ ads- Design goes far beyond making life easier. Design is what elevates a product from the everyday, engineered object to something more. How often do you actually take note of time instead of glancing aimless at your digital clock only to look at it a second time because you honestly weren’t paying attention the first. This design does obscure the ease of reading time, but subsequently forces the viewer to actually understand what time it is. If you want effortless, buy a digital clock.

  • Yen-Wen

    Hi, thanks for all the opinions and appreciation. The clock is still on the prototype stage, so it’s not for sale yet. But if there is any further comment or request, welcome to contact me: yenwen.t@gmail.com