Pleats by USIN-e


Lyon designers USIN-e have designed a series of furniture made of wooden batons joined by folded metal parts.

Called Pleats, the series includes a coat stand, stool and trestles.

USIN-e was founded in September 2009 by Rémi Bouhaniche and Amaury Poudray.

Photographs are by Laure Melone.

The text below is from the designers:

We would like to introduce you, our new collection called Pleats. The series is composed by two trestles, one low table and one coat rack. In each object, the metal sheets link the wooden pieces together.

Pleats, pits the weight of the material against the empty space's lightness. In order to provide to each of the components, a vital breath, we use the emptiness to connect the materials.

Through this range Pleats, we create a language both simple and sophisticated situated in between, the “haute couture”, industry and craft works.

Situated between experimental objects and very functional items, USIN-e combine different things that apparently can not be sticked together.

From this procedure, USIN-e deals with lightness and robustness, emptiness and massivity, surfaces and structures, elegance and raw, poetry and reality. USIN-e try to keep objects as opened as possible to never close our imaginary and sensitivity.

Designers: Rémi Bouhaniche, Amaury Poudray
Label: USIN-e
Production: AD, association de designers Christophe Bailleux
Copyrights pictures: Laure Melone

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  • b

    not that much to say about the design.
    not very spectacular. but the picture with designer (I assume) makes it very pretentious..and the arrogant look af the antler guy does not make it better.
    do you really all want to be a pop-star designer?
    could have made this comment many publications ago…but this sort of is the drop that made the bucket overflow.

  • Blip

    ‘Me so corny’ photoshoot, but nice raw products, I like how the metal floats above the wood, the coat stand thing is overkill.

  • ben

    Do me a favour.

    The products are ok – but only just about ok…

    …however the big problem is this guy gives designers a really bad name by trying too hard to become some kind of ‘celebrity’

    …next time focus on the products not your self – ego maniac.

  • alex

    He should go to an IKEA and stand there with his products and antler piece.

  • cofeeandtv

    I think that the guy on the picture isn’t the designer but a “model”

    • AO

      Should have got a better model.

  • super trendy

    It is not about you, it is a bout your designs.
    Starck, Rashid and more recently Hayon, have created this ego centric nonsense trend of putting themselves before their projects. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Sure it worked for them. It is a short cut to show off for the media, but on the same time you can look like a clown.

  • whatever

    he is not the designer
    he is AD, association de designers Christophe Bailleux.
    Does not make things any clearer.

  • stavaros

    for the record, the pictures are a little weird. however, the man in the photos does not appear to be one of the designers (at least according to the pics on USIN-e’s website:

  • Antlers? You fool! You’ve just made me want to look a your stupid antlers more than your lazy designs

  • If you people would only take a little time to llok things up,..
    The photo’s show ‘designer of the year 2009’ Alfredo Häberli.
    Though the products arn’t that great, he’s obliged to sell them with an arrogant look!
    If you would like to see the designers of the products shown:

  • sc hu yl er

    Really getting bored of people with mildly whimsical, mediocre ideas that rely on costumes and dramatic effect in their presentation. How, I ask, does this guy wearing antlers have anything to do with anything?

  • bob bobson

    Dude, you’re trousers are way to long and full of pleats…

  • Brigitte Bardot

    your deerface !

  • xtiaan

    whats with the beardo flinging the scarf about?

    “Pleats, pits the weight of the material against the empty space’s lightness. In order to provide to each of the components, a vital breath, we use the emptiness to connect the materials.”

    uh WTF? it looks more like you have used metal screws and glue to connect your materials, if you did infact use emptiness theyd fall apart wouldnt they?

    more designing less pretension please.

  • Dusty le blanc

    Surely this is an April 1 joke!

  • designgurunyc

    Now I know Dezeen have a sense of humour. This was posted slightly early but can only be an ‘April Fool’ article. Right?
    Finally a look with irony at the state that design has got itself into. But of course (unfortunately) its not.
    I disagree with supertrendy because designers like Starck and Hayon (and by the way you missed out the obvious comparison, he of the red nose Wanders!), at least have designed at a high level and produced good design before using the antics of self promotion.
    This represents the tragedy of young designers desperate to be famous before they can understand what makes good design, and unfortunately exposing themselves to scrutiny such as this, that ignores the objects themselves for a very good reason. These items show no greatness and (in my humble…) should have gone unnoticed.

  • M

    yes, designgurunyc Says, actually your opinion is very humble…