O3 by Designaffairs Studio


Designaffairs Studio of Germany have designed a conceptual oxygen inhaler for a future scenario where there's not enough oxygen in the air for humans to survive.

Called O3, the device would be refilled with compressed-oxygen capsules.

Users could receive a message on their mobile phone when levels become low and it's time to top up.

The designers describe the device as "the product you don't want to have."

See also: Deafinite Style by Designaffairs Studio, a conceptual hearing aid that forms a flesh tunnel through the wearer’s earlobe (February 2010).

Here's some more information from Designaffairs Studio:

The most recent catastrophes and (un)natural phenomena are a sign of Nature´s call for serious changes in the way we live. From common citizen to leaders we are all asked to live, work and behave in a more sustainable and responsible way. If we don't, what can we expect of the future on our Planet?

What if pollution levels in the future will demand artificial production and distribution of oxygen? What if you don't only have to do your grocery shopping, but you´d also have to get your daily oxygen supply? What if instead of a news app on your mobile device you have an oxygen level tracking app?

o3 is a personal survival oxygen unit with a wicked message: the urgency and seriousness to rethink and react; o3 is the product you don´t want to need!

To spread this message we created a future scenario to make you think about it!

If we´ll reach such a scenario, we designed o3 being a personal unit for your daily oxygen supply. The mouthpiece is easy to carry and individual. The oxygen is provided by compressed oxygen refill units which can be exchanged at your local oxygen supplier.

By twisting the refill unit you can adjust the membrane to your lips and control oxygen flow.

o3 is a solution for an extreme situation; o3 is the product you don´t want to have!

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Deafinite Style by Designaffairs Studio Bel-Air by
Mathieu Lehanneur
Images of London in 2090
by Squint/Opera

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  • jj

    Right…not enough oxygen to sustain mammalian life, and we’re jabbering away on phones? Hah!

    At least it’s pessimistically speculative.

  • maarten

    wall E!

  • Chuck

    Is this a product to be used in Christopher Nolan’s remake of spaceballs?

  • At the beginning, I thought that the Andrea air Purifier by Mathieu Lehanneur’s was a concept without concrete future, and finally it’s industrialized. Now I HOPE that we will never have to produce that (even if it looks fun and zen)…

  • Is that EVE’s child, the friend of Wall-E ?

  • might be good for some sick people to take home instead of a heavy oxygen cylinders now.

  • Pedro

    ehehe, maybe it will be her son :P or daughter … lol

  • rek

    O3 is ozone. You don’t want to be inhaling that stuff. This is akin to naming your bottled water product H2SO4 (sulfuric acid).

  • Ben

    I like the idea of using the product as an awereness campaign … I think that if we do get to the point where we need this product something would be seriosulsy wrong!!!

  • Pedro

    diisign – so, if we don’t want to make this product a necessary need of our future industrialized society .. its time to make the world a better place !
    That is our message ! Cheers to everyone!

  • popi vaki


  • pete

    oxygen or ozone???

  • pete

    woops- rek got there before me, and so much more eloquently too.

  • LOW

    Oh good, there’ll be no oxygen but I’ll still have my iPhone *pheeww*
    so relieved

  • O3 is ozone not oxygen.

    …but I thought the biggest threat to the world was imperialist war?

  • yomamma

    there’s optimism for ya !!

    I thought design was for a brighter future?

  • daich

    If in a “future scenario where there’s not enough oxygen in the air for humans to survive” the O3 is the solution, I wonder what poor people wolud use, cause this looks pretty expensive.