Successful Living by Diesel Creative Team
and Foscarini


Milan 2010: design brand Diesel have created a range of lighting in collaboration with Foscarini as part of their Diesel Home Collection, presented at Superstudio Più in Zona Tortona earlier this month.

Top: Pet
Above: Perf

Called Successful Living, the collection was first launched in Milan last year. The new additions include wall, floor and pendant lights in three designs.

Above: Tool

Perf is a lampshade with lots of small holes puncturing its surface, Pet has a base extending into four feet and Tool has a rubber shade designed to look like a foundry mold or part of a lathe.

Above: Perf

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Above: Perf

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Here's some more information about the collection:


Have you ever thought of playing a leading role in a fantastic story at the limits of reality? The new Diesel Home Collection will take you on a journey of the imagination through space and time; on a surreal trip where day quickly makes way for the darkness of the night.

Above: Perf

The Home Collection “Successful Living from Diesel”, previewed last April and created in partnership with Foscarini for Lighting, Moroso for Furniture and Zucchi for Home Textiles will be expanded with new ranges for 2010.

Above: Perf

A world in continual transformation is waiting for you inside Superstudio Più in Milan from 14th – 19th April 2010. Enter and be led on an extraordinary and surprising journey where evocative images give life to unique objects created with a language of irony and irreverence to express the Diesel spirit. The Home Collection offers Diesel fans the chance to express themselves and customise their environment in a style that is truly their own.

Above: Pet


The inspiration for Perf comes from afar in terms of both distance and time. With an easy and friendly disposition that works well in all rooms of the house, this design is characterised by its airy nature and fascinating illuminated holes, which seem like a code to be deciphered. The original idea was taken from traditional North African perforated lamps, yet Perf is a contemporary and technologically advanced product.

Above: Pet

Perf is completely made of metal and yet is light and easy to move around. At first sight, Perf surprises the onlooker with its perforated diffuser, whose prominent shape brings to mind the visor of a coat of arms or the beak of an animal.

Above: Pet

Small holes form an irregular pixelated pattern, allowing light to be softly filtered for a magic, almost hypnotic effect. The hinging joint of the diffuser’s main body adjusts the direct beam of light and reflects weaving patterns of light onto surfaces and walls. A completely original light fitting, for many different uses, destined to accompany even the most diverse moments of one’s life: in the bedroom, or in the living room, to read by or to study by. With aluminium chrome, black, green and eye catching rust brown finishes to choose from, Perf is available as a wall, floor or table lamp, all with an adjustable diffuser, for a soft and, direct light effect.

Above: Tool


Pet is a table lamp with a strong, dark personality that brings to mind the atmosphere of a gothic cartoon. The design is both warm and at the same time, insistent in its sharp and angular lines, which define the lamp’s forward arching metal stem and in the four “paws”, similar to the claws of a bird of prey. These paws attach to the individual feet-shaped bases, made of striped rubber.

Above: Tool

There is a strong reference to gothic style and to a world populated by nocturnal animals, which is evident in the diffuser’s vein-like branches that spread out from the main joint like the wings of a bat or the threads of a spider’s web. The texture of the adjustable diffuser plays with matte and polished surfaces and is available in the contrasting tones of black and white or in the neon colours blue and fuchsia.

Above: Tool

An irresistible and fun cult object for new generations, Pet is an original expression of contemporary pop culture, open to all and to be used however one desires: as a loyal room mate or an unusual gift idea.

Above: Tool


Tool celebrates work wear, one of Diesel’s recurring themes, and reinvents the vintage atmosphere of mechanics’ garages and workshops. Tool’s shape and materials are also inspired by the charm of industrial archaeology. Revisiting the robust geometry of industrial equipment, the Tool range transforms solid shapes into hollow forms to be used for illumination.

Above: Tool

This range of lamps has actually been created with a single body of rubber, which brings to mind the shape of a foundry mould or a mechanical part of a lathe. The impression created is that of an object straight off the production line ready to be inserted into the domestic environment - breaking all common design rules and conventional aesthetic guidelines.

Above: Tool

The finish of the lamp is purposely irregular, like a semifinished piece just taken out of its mould. The Tool range includes suspended, floor and table lamps, in black. Suspended lamps come in small and large sizes. The smaller version also forms the basis for the reading and table light, shaped by a black metal stem and rough cement base.

Above: Tool

The materials chosen - rubber, metal and cement - all tell a story: they are strong materials, which bring to mind the building site, the mechanic’s garage, the world of work. All models within the Tool range produce accurate and direct illumination, just like authentic lighting ‘tools’.

Above: Tool


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  • Robbie

    I wouldn’t mind having a perf as a desk lamp

  • Pony the Trap

    Why the blazes would you choose to brand a lamp which will most likely be hanging pretty close to the ceiling? For fashion-conscious spiders?

  • Why in the hell wouldn’t you brand it up?
    You’re gonna be happy when you get it out of the box aren’t ya?
    + It’s a bit unfair to assume that the spiders have no intellect…

  • capslock

    these just look like cheap objects used to decorate their stores. i don’t think they are of much worth at all to be honest.

  • Xit

    Lamps for people that wear diesel clothing. The cobranding approach, soon Paris Hilton for Cappellini, not sure where design will go from here.

  • Director of Capellini

    anyone got Miss Hilton’s phone number? Great idea, thanks……

  • applejack

    These cosmetic bachelor designs will have the same life span as a Diesel T shirt ie: 6 months.

  • j

    Too bad the shape of the perforated shade of “perf” (original name..) isn’t shaped such that two could be cut from a plane/cylinder without any waste. Pretty easy to do while maintaining the same aesthetic.

    If you design something to be “industrial”, then do so such that it can be produced with the utmost efficiency.

    Diesel jeans with pre-worn holes in them look “industrial”, but the process by which they’re produced is not. To produce something then intentionally damage it is not what industry is about.

    -> Don’t by jeans with holes in them idiots…unless you’re just being ironic. Cause that’s cool.

  • There are only a few which have a design I like. One is absolutely something different, that I would love to have it. It's the tenth image from above. It's very creative. The rest looks like part of a camera.