French Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010
by Jacques Ferrier Architectures


Shanghai Expo 2010: photographer Montse Zamorano has sent us some photographs of the completed French Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo 2010, designed by Jacques Ferrier Architectures.

Called The Sensual City, the pavilion is clad in a trellis-like structure and features a garden inside with plants growing on the walls, a roof garden and pools of water.

The pavilion is designed to showcase the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and feel of France, and visitors will be able to sample French food and watch classic french films.

All photographs are by Montse Zamorano and are used with permission.

Here's some more information from the Expo organisers:

Pavilion Features

The "Sensual City" itself is impressive with a large, classical roof garden and a pond.

The walls of the square-shaped structure, which is made from a special concrete, are covered in plants and it looks like a white floating palace. Gardens are the centerpiece of the pavilion.

Pavilion Display

The "Sensual City" showcases the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and feel of France - visitors will be able to admire French gardens and paintings, smell French perfume, taste French cuisine, touch the cool water of pools and fountains, and watch clips from classic French films to soak up the glamor of France.

Highlight 1: Floating Palace

The France Pavilion appears to be floating in the beauty rhyme with water.

The structure as a whole is "wrapped into" a huge wire mesh that is made of a new type concrete material, while featuring the plant walls, and water pools internal and external.

Highlight 2: French-style Garden

In the center of the structure stands a French-style garden, with streams flowing alongside.

Small fountains and water gardens will help cool the space, where visitors may enjoy the singing of birds, fragrance of flowers, and delicious food under the sunshine and amid the aquatic environment.

Surrounded by the space that is permeated with French city ambient sound effects, visitors may think they were in France.

Highlight 3: Sights, Smells, Tastes, Sounds and Feel of France

In "the Sensual City," visitors will see, smell, taste, hear, and touch the glamour of France.

Design of the pavilion embodies the kinetic effect and the concept of balance, with which a large amount of video projections, moving images, irregular outline borders, and reflected jumping waves are provided as background to make a living structure.

Highlight 4: Alain Delon

As the spokesman of France Pavilion, Alain Delon will tell you his close ties with China at the "France Pavilion Channel" specifically set up for the pavilion exhibition.

Highlight 5: Cat Léon

The Cat Léon, mascot of France Pavilion, will interact with every visitor. Here, you can not only taste the champagne from a specially made bottle marked with "France Pavilion at Expo 2010," but also await a big surprise... What is it? Solve the mystery by yourself.

Highlight 6: Romantic French Wedding

Visitors may also have the chance to witness a romantic French wedding, which has been held in the city of Tours for several consecutive years.

It is expected to be relocated to the France Pavilion at Expo 2010. New couples will tie the knot in the beautiful French-style garden within the pavilion.

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  • hmmmm. This is my first glimpse at the French pavilion. Not enjoying the lattice work on the exterior but I do like the green wall in the, what is it, courtyard?

  • ste

    wow… impressed… its like carneval when all the ugly people can wear a mask and look okay for one day.
    imho a very boring collage of different idea not matchign each other.

  • gaque

    i think this is the nicest one, although i wonder what the inside looks like?
    i really appreciate the garden too.
    why do we need so many photos of that façade??

  • Really amazing photos by a great photographer it looks, and the pavilion quite impressive even been simple!!!

  • I think it looks great but the light fixtures should have been much smaller and not visible from ground level.

  • mcmlxix

    I agree more with ste than claudia. The exterior wrapping is a nice addition to an otherwise bland and common glass box.

    While gardens are nice, the interior does not integrate well with the exterior. And what are those…vegetation circuit boards?

  • toctoc

    Uhm…the french style garden? are you sure??

  • al_Khemist

    My first impression toward this pavilion, an office building inside a basket.

  • Christian

    Great photography!

  • If there is one place that should be a playground of architectural experimentation it is a world expo. The Spanish pavilion knows this, as does the British. The French Pavilion, however, does not.

    The building does absolutely nothing new. It has all of the fetishes of the movement: “green” roofs and walls, a detached outer skin.. I can even see some nice backlit polycarbonate. It doesn’t handle these elements in any particularly exciting way. It would no doubt be a wonderful addition to a housing or commercial development. Just a bit of a disappointing as an world expo pavilion.

  • eb nyc

    French Product Design.

  • bip

    After the “bird nest” from the Beijin Olymptic, this one seems like a repeat.

    I’m pretty agree why julieng.

  • Bibendum

    This building is the pure representation of the abyssimal hole in which french official architecure has burried its thought.
    How can one talk about a valid architectural thinking when this is a pale copy of the decade 2000-2010?
    Parametric architecture? Sustainable design? Folding architecture?
    No, just a mediocre compilation, a pastiche without any Sublime, or just the conclusion of French disarray, the dead end of French aesthetic?

    Ce pavillion est tout simplement la representation la plus concrete du gouffre immense dans lequel l’architecture officielle francaise s’est plongee.

    Comment peut on encore parler de pertinence architecturale, quand ce qui est affiche est une pale copie sans l’esprit de la decade 2000-2010? Architecture parametrique? Architecture ecologique? Architecture du pli?
    Non, juste une grande compilation mediocre, un pastiche sans sublime, ou bien juste le constat du desarroi le plus noir sur une impasse de la pensee esthetique francaise?

  • gaguri

    I agree that it doesn’t do anything new, but it did a wonderful job of creating a wonderful experience, much richer than Spanish for example, and for that I applaud this design. What I liked the most was those plantations fixed along the facade that was dribbles in water. As I journeyed on the ground floor, I loved the feeling of those water drops hitting my head little by little, as I could smell the taste of nature as I breathed in (they had water vapours shooting in the air, which helped because May in Shanghai is HOT).

  • Vinnyvanilla

    the lattice looks like a multi storey building to me…

  • joseph

    sensual architecture

  • rather ordinary from the outside, the pavilion makes sense seen from the inside

  • elham ghaderi

    I need to know how this pavilion is sustainable. Is there someone that can help me?

  • frank

    This is Botox architecture. Age-old concrete courtyard building with a stocking pulled over its head. Epitomising the WORST part of french cosmetic culture. Encore.