ZFW watch by plusminuszero


In Milan last month Japanese brand plusminuszero launched a watch where the strap slots through the back of the case.

Called ZFW, the design comes with a leather or fabric strap, which can be easily interchanged by sliding it through loops in the case.

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Here's some more information from plusminuszero:

The strap of this watch simply threads through the back of the face, and so can easily be changed. Because there are no side pins to secure the watch straps in place, the watch looks like a clean and beautiful single entity. The simple feel of it, like a simple necklace made from a leather cord threaded through a ring, is good.


  • High-visible watch face
  • Equipped Japanese made quartz movement
  • Easily changed strap


ZFW-T001 (case: black specular, dial: black, band: black leather)
ZFW-T002 (case: silver specular, dial: white, band: gray leather)
ZFW-T003 (case: black hairline, dial: black, band: black fabric)
ZFW-T004 (case: silver hairline, dial: white, band: green fabric)

Material: stainless steel band – leather or PP
Functions: clock display (hours, minutes, seconds)
Accuracy: ±20 sec/month
Power source: silver oxide battery x 1
Battery life: approx 3 years
Water resistance: 3 atmospheric pressures
Dimensions: 40.2mm (outer diameter of case)

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  • san

    not sure about the benefits of this idea…when one wears the wath, it´s impossible to see that the strap-case connection is different than usual (no visual benefit); in terms of manufacturing it´s the same process as the case still has to have two loops (no benefit in terms of fabrication) and in side-view it looks more uncomfortable than usual watches as you have the loops of the case pressed against your wrist (possible failure)

  • Yet again Fukasawa and his team create an easily manufactured artifact without sacrificing vision . . . . wonderful

  • Simple & straightforward & after that ?

    I’m not sure why they made such a fuss about the passing of the strap behind the back of the watch since this was the standard way that wristwatches were fastened in the early days. Sometimes I wear a watch made in 1918 & that’s how one attaches the strap.

    The price is also pretty straightforward – 380+ pounds.
    I suppose one would have to be a tiny bit simple to buy it.

  • Neo

    After having the chips in all sort of flavors and shapes we go back to the traditional and simple chips and this is the same.

  • g

    just like my $19.95 Timex that’s lasted me ten years

  • Erik Hall

    Its a slick, clean design, but in no way innovative. I wear a bertucci, nearly indestructible titanium case, not nearly as minimalist, but it is waterproof to 100m. Nonetheless beautiful version

  • It’s a nice watch, but nothing really groundbreaking. this strap system can be found on US Military watches dating back to the vietnam war.

    still a nice minimal watch

  • overpriced minimalism… and it can easily slip thus loosing it along with its price tag worth.