Pinocchio by David Dolcini for Riva 1920


David Dolcini has created an adjustable stool made of solid cedar for Italian brand Riva 1920.

Called Pinocchio, the conical seat can be raised or lowered and held in place by a peg.

It was shown in Milan last month alongside other pieces in the brand's Cedarwood collection, including designs by Karim Rashid, Matteo Thun and Mario Botta.

Riva 1920 also presented a laundry room collection made of solid cedar in Milan (see our earlier story).

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Above: Kairo by Karim Rashid

Here's a little bit of text from Riva 1920:

This is a series of solid scented stools, armchairs and small tables of various shapes and sizes. In this kind of article in solid cedarwood, small cracks occur naturally with the wood setting and moving as it seasons and adjusts to different environmental conditions.

The appearance of any stains or small patches of mould on the surface of the product is also a normal reaction on the part of the product to contact with the air, above all in the case of prolonged storage.

Above: Fiord by Marc Sadler

Above: Maui by Terry Dwan

Above: Log2 bench by Riva

Above: Log2 bench by Riva

Above: Napa Small by Terry Dwan

Above: Eco 1 by Riva

Above: Legno Vivo by Riva

Above: Woody by Matteo Thun

Above: Fungo Small by Paola Navone

Above: Giulia Small by Pininfarina

Above: Clessidra by Mario Botta

Above: Creus armchair by Pininfarina

Above: Creus armchair by Pininfarina

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  • beatiful, I thik wood is an excelent material, it gives you a warm sensation that very few materials gives. the pinocchio stool, is great. congrats.

  • Simple, feel comfortable and very aesthetic.

  • I think is great that an object so simple could comunicate so much. I’m sure Pinocchio would be
    happy of this…and honored to be on this website. thanks

  • noes

    Except the Pinocchio stool, everything is Boring. Where has all the waste gone?

  • Simona

    Pinocchio is gorgeous – great job!
    You conjugate strength, lightness and originality, creating a functional object which is also a toy, that can bring back memories of childhood (the fairy tale, the joints…). Wood, furthermore, awakens tactile sensations unfortunately almost forgotten.
    In the skilled hands of modern master carpenters a “new” object comes to life: the game has begun …