Laundry Room Collection by Terry Dwan for Riva 1920

Milan 2010: at Eurocucina in Milan earlier this month Italian brand Riva 1920 presented a collection of furniture for a laundry room designed by Terry Dwan in solid cedar to repel moths.

Called Laundry Room, the scheme includes storage, a workbench, washing facilities and a lounge area.

The insides of cabinets are made of cedar wood to repel insects while the outer panels and doors can be made in any timber.

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The information below is from Riva 1920:


Laundry Room: Riva 1920’s concept

The Laundry Room, designed with Terry Dwan, is produced using scented cedar wood. Its main feature is the use of cedar wood for all the inner parts of the furnishings, in order to exploit its properties as natural moth-repellant. The outer panels, instead, can be in every wood essence available in the Collection by Riva 1920.

The Laundry Room is divided into several functional areas:

1.Laundry: a traditional laundry that is at the same time “multitasking”, thanks to its equipment, highly advanced both technologically and ecologically. It enhances a “modern lifestyle”, supporting hobbies, like gardening and do-it-yourself work.

Cabinets: a big wall of cabinets with inner panels in scented cedar wood, with different depths. It is designed to host clothes and cleaning tools.

In addition, there are an ecological washing machine and a dryer by Electrolux, put in line, both respecting the environment and sparing energy. They are provided with an intermediate extractable shelf.

Counter: a workbench in steel, equipped with sink, cabinets and wide drawers. Its top is in solid cedar wood, 7cm (2.8 inches) thick.

2.Dressing room: a place where to get dressed and to make up.

Wardrobe: conceived as wainscoting in cedar wood. They are equipped with stakes for hanging stuff on their outside and with shelves and stakes in the inside, all in cedar wood.

COUNTER: a big counter in cedar wood provided with a thin mattress covered with fabric. This is a comfortable and useful spot where to lean your clothes and where to relax. At one end there is a table in cedar wood, 7cm (2.8 inches) thick, placed at a height of 75 cm (2.46 feet): very useful when making up.

3.Easy Laundry: it is an area, mostly additional, for several purposes, a corner sometimes “retrieved” in a narrow aisle, than can be fully equipped as a small home-office.

Wall: in our Easy Laundry, the new compact washing machine by Electrolux is placed in the typical “walkway” area of the house. The wall is featured by a wainscoting in scented cedar wood, equipped with useful stakes and shelves, in solid cedar.

4. Home SPA: an area where to take care of yourselves, a small area for relaxing with TV set, desk, and a big bench in leather for working out.

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