Delta by Inga Sempé for Tectona


French designer Inga Sempé has designed this outdoor shower for French brand Tectona.

Called Delta, the shower consists of a bent tubular frame and shower head, which can be attached to a standard garden hose.

More about Inga Sempé on Dezeen:

Sempé w103 light by Inga Sempé for Wästberg (February 2010)
Ruché sofa by Inga Sempé for Ligne Roset (January 2010)

Here's a little more information from Tectona:

Delta outdoor shower

During development of the DELTA model for Tectona in 2009, Inga Sempé aimed, in her own words, "to design a shower that can integrate into any type of landscape, and which is sufficiently light visually speaking so as not to break up the view". To ensure its stability, the shower must be fixed to a hard solid surface using the provided kit. It connects to a standard watering hose.

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Posted on Monday May 24th 2010 at 10:39 am by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • Simpe, oldfashion, beautiful!

  • Simple! Do you need more? Nop!

  • Diego

    N.I.C.E. I love the practicality! Clean & simple lines. Good design Inga!!
    Also, if its beefed up a little, guys can do a few lifts and tone up arms, pecks & gut. Good for the ladies!

  • Rustique mais rigolo = Rustic but funny ;)

    François Beydoun

  • j


    Look at the height/scale of this. Clearly the height of the on/off handle means that even if it were “beefed up”, doing pull-ups wouldn’t be possible.

    Then again, I see a lot of Napoleon-complex types at the beach…

  • Diego

    @ J:

    I agree, you are absolutely right about proportion and Napoleoniatic egos.
    Still makes an awesome centre piece for stimulation conversation.
    and Good for the ladies!

  • Diego

    Sorry, I meant stimulating conversation.