Plain Air by Patrick Norguet for TLV


Paris designer Patrick Norguet has designed a circular wall-mounted air purifier that sucks air in through vents in the top and expels it through a funnel on the front.

Called Plain Air, the product filters out germs and particles.

The product has been launched by TLV in collaboration with Ahlstrom and Philips.

Photographs are by Felipe Ribon.

Here's some more information about the product:

Design by Studio Norguet

Pure & Simple Inspiration…

We spend nowadays more than 80% of our time indoors. Inside air pollution has become a public health major concern in many countries, chemical or biological odours harm our day to day comfort and airborne contamination causes many problems, allergies and diseases.

Thanks to its miniaturised Photo Catalysis Oxidation system, PLAIN AIR plug & play unit launched by TLV in collaboration with designer Patrick Norguet, Alhstrom and Philips companies, purifies indoor air with a proven efficiency validated by laboratory and university hospital tests.

This new concept offers low mercury rate light sources and long lifespan, few maintenance, low energy and spare parts consumption, needs a few co-products, minimises secondary rejects and permits to improve your well-being in full respect of sustainable development.

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Posted on Friday May 28th 2010 at 8:14 am by Catherine Warmann. Copyright policy | Comments policy

  • well, the shape is very clean, and it’s nice,,,, I like it, but maybe the ambientation on the photos doesn’t give the strenght that the product needs. Maybe a contemporary scene would be better….

  • Rik

    Can it give birth?

  • Will

    I thought it was a subwoofer- its not the sort of object that needs to shout (literally) no way wd I have that on my wall

  • Xit

    agree with Will the design language says ‘sound’ a la Bose rather than ‘purity of air’, also way too present for such a device, I’d like to see what Sam Hecht would do with the same brief.

  • noviardi

    i thought this is new ipod speaker…..

  • I thought it was going to be a speaker lol. It's way to big to be appealing to many home buyers. lol at some of these comments, I Completely agree.

    Not really appealing to me sorry Studio Norguet!

    Holly X