ALPA 12 TC camera by Estragon

Swiss studio Estragon have designed a camera for Swiss camera manufacturer ALPA.

Called ALPA 12 TC, the compact square design operates as a 6x9 roll-film or 60 MP digital camera.

Accessories can be attached to all sides of the block, including a rosewood or pear handle.

Here's some more information from the designers:

We just finished a project for ALPA Cameras. A small but very fine camera producer in Switzerland. The cameras of Alpa are professional tools used by photographers such as Walter Niedermayr or Andreas Gursky.

A camera from Alpa puts nothing in between the creativity of the photographer and his picture. The focus remains entirely on feeling for the moment and the skill of the user. The reduction to the bare essential renders the the objectives of the photographer visible.

"Such a uncompromising object like the ALPA 12TC is, this camera will become one with the user. Only when the photographer will forget the camera in his hands he will be able to absolutely focus on his activity: The Photography."

Hold it in your hands and you will understand. We wanted the people not only to see, but also feel this mechanical object. To understand it with all your senses. This aim was our guide for ALPA throughout the whole design process at estragon.

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