TSAR by Florian Brillet


Paris architect Florian Brillet has created a coffee table with a branching structure.

Called TSAR, the 4mm steel top is supported by a branching form derived from a parametric equation.

Here's a little text from Brillet:

Tsar is a daily use coffee table. The idea is to create an original structure, based on a narrative form, and completely rational. Since the initial design, the main issue is to keep the base as narrow as possible, increasing stability. The shape has been turned into a parametric sketch, which defines the relationship between the different branches. The table becomes an equation, inspired by an organic form. Structure engineering studies showed that the load over the top was a key to stability. The load has been increased by changing the top material from wood into steel. The final design sees the whole table cut in a single 4mm steel sheet, which also increases the simplicity of the table. A dinner table is currently under development, based on the same research system.

4mm steel sheet
Epoxy painting RAL 9001
Dimensions : h x l : 400 x 800 mm
Prototype made by : Philippe Smith

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  • Very delicate pice… I like it,, is a litle similar to Shrub, by Zhili Liu, but really good job

  • trimtab21

    real nice…until a child gets their head wedged in one of those ‘vees’ and dies…then not so nice. The 1960’s Paperclip table caused numerous child deaths which is why they stopped making it.

  • MaylOO

    Very very subtle indeed! So thin and structuraly astonish. Where can we get it? Some people dont have kid and can enjoy design! God save them!