House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo


House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo

Every room in this Japanese house by architect Tetsuo Kondo leads to a little garden

House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo

Called House with Gardens, the white wooden building in Yokohama is permeated with outdoor areas.

House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo

One corner of the roof's volume has been sliced off, creating space for a skylight into the upper patio.

House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo

Photographs are by Ken'ichi Suzuki.

House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo

Here's some more information from Tetsuo Kondo:

House with Gardens

This is a home built in Yokohama for a couple and their two kids.

House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo

The site is located on a hill in a quiet residential district. Neighboring houses are built up against the lot on both sides but a lush forest spreads to the back while a view down to Yokohama city can be enjoyed to the front. Although the area is quite developed one can still listen to the birds and enjoy the fresh air making this an attractive place to live.

House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo

The rooms are organized vertically and by mixing exterior spaces into the house, the surrounding can be felt at all times. Gardens are placed accessible from each room and openings are aimed in various directions so that the view of the sky and forest can be enjoyed even through other rooms.

House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo

These gardens, or intermediate spaces, not only connect the interior to the exterior spaces but are common spaces for the family. Although each room is independent, these non-specific areas allow the rooms to extend and mix with each other creating new spaces with each use. It also allows the family to circulate the small house in many different ways.

House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo

One could nap while listening to the birds in the forest, or open the windows wide without caring about the neighbors in the street. The children could spread out all their toys to play, or they could have tea surrounded by a flower garden while enjoying the views.

House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo

This home with a peculiar pitched roof blends into the building context and maintains various types of relationships with the exterior. They will create a pleasant lifestyle with the help of surrounding environment.

House with Gardens by Tetsuo Kondo

Site : Yokohama, Kanagawa, JAPAN
Structural Engineer : Konishi Structural Engineers / Yasutaka Konishi
Mechanical Engineer : ES Associates / Hisakatsu Hemmi
Period : April 2006 - April 2007
Program : Private house
Total Floor Area : 136.90 sqm
Site Area : 139.02 sqm
Structure : wood frame, reinforced concrete, 2 stories, 1 basement

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  • ste

    simple exterior… not sure if it works in its context… but nice interior qualities… not as spectacular as dezeen living rooms are normally but definitely a great space to live!

    but one remark… if i had built my living and my neighbour would park a car as ugly as the one in the first picture beside my new home i would really consider killing him ;-)

  • edward

    Very clever design! It would have been nice if the plans could have been enlarged.

  • Yes please, put me down for two. I especially like the way the street balcony still retains some privacy

  • steven

    So nice! It’s amazing to see how the Japanese house is constantly evolving in all these great projects. The way they’re all inhabited seem so different from one another, and they all have this wonderful flavour that screams of being a Japanese House, gardens are a really cool idea.

  • j

    this is soo nice, the these japanese designers really know how to make spaces simple and beautiful

  • johnson

    HA SANAA Effect.

  • grmetme

    i would like to see some of these gardens, all i really see are a few outdoor spaces. some with pots with plants, but no real garden.

  • bea

    japanese architecture always amazes me in the way that it redefines the way we live. just disappointed that australian architecture is still working with plans that are decades old.

  • From the outside it does not look very convincing, it looks a bit out of context in the first image.
    The inside, however, is another story; impressive. The interiors of Japanese houses have always been great. All these architects, who insist on inventing impressive forms without a reason, have a lot to learn from this approach.

  • Very clean and seems like a nice place to live!

  • looks so spacious and well lit. where are the closets?

  • haemi

    I think this construction is hightly influenced by SANAA.
    Or is this typical japaness style ?

  • Hyakutaro

    It's just Brillant ! Omedeto gozaimasu !

    I want the same !!! How much ?

    Cheers from France.