2010 Puma Bikes by Biomega


2010 Puma Bikes by Biomega

Danish bicycle company Biomega launch five city bikes in their 2010 collection for sports brand Puma today.

2010 Puma Bikes by Biomega

The range consists of five basic models that each combine chosen aspects of continental and folding bikes, BMXs, cruisers, and fixed-wheel designs.

2010 Puma Bikes by Biomega

The bikes are available from today via a dedicated website and will be presented at the South Street Seaport PUMA store in Manhattan this weekend.

2010 Puma Bikes by Biomega

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2010 Puma Bikes by Biomega

Here's some more information from PUMA:

2010 Puma Bikes by Biomega

PUMA and Biomega Launch Website to Sell Full Range of Urban Bicycles For Summer 2010.  PUMA and Biomega announce the launch of www.puma-bikes.com, a website dedicated exclusively to the full range of the 2010 PUMA Bike, designed in collaboration with Biomega and made for urban transport.  PUMA is among the first sportlifestyle brands to sell bikes on-line, offering quick delivery within the United States and Europe directly to the consumer or to preferred bike dealers who will assemble the bikes free of charge.

2010 Puma Bikes by Biomega

The 2010 PUMA Bikes are fashionable sports lifestyle objects – resonating to the pulse of the PUMA brand. The 2010 range consists of 5 basic models for both men and women, which offer a variety of optional extras and color choices of more than 120 variations, thereby putting PUMA’s portfolio firmly on the forefront of bicycle scene.  These varieties give customers the option of individualizing their own bicycle. Each bike features colors inspired by island culture in the Atlantic – symbolizing this new Trans-Atlantic approach and balancing PUMA’s European heritage with American popular culture.

2010 Puma Bikes by Biomega

Accompanying each bike and adding to the character and customization is a sticker book of bike names allowing consumers to choose from one of the provided names or to create a unique name of their own.  "The objective of PUMA's new series of Biomega bicycles is to create unique bikes, refresh urban mobility and for an outside design company to share a different perspective so that we can surprise the consumer.,” says Antonio Bertone, Chief Marketing Officer for PUMA.  “Biomega is a pioneer of the designer bike and the ideal partner for us in this venture."

2010 PUMA Bike by Biomega

Created for ease of movement, urban transportation, and individual appeal, PUMA and the Biomega design team have collaborated to produce the next evolution in commuter bikes. Smart European design and commuter technology collide with urban American style – and culminate in a completely new Trans-Atlantic bike paradigm. PUMA pared down its bikes to their essentials and constructed a new bike line with innovative and thoughtful details that meet the needs of a unique consumer set. The 2010 PUMA Bike line is designed for urban mobility and finds innovative solutions for the everyday annoyances that come from maneuvering bikes through urban obstacles. The collection redefines and reinvigorates the city ride.

2010 PUMA Bike by Biomega

By pulling together the best parts of practical, continental city and folding bikes, BMXs, American cruisers, and fixies, these PUMA Bikes create a whole new urban typology. One that stands out in the crowd. And knows how to make its own way.  The 5 models in the 2010 PUMA Bike range, available on PUMA-bike.com are: Disco, Funk, Nevis and Pico.  The PUMA Disko bike features a locking system integrated as part of the structural framework of the bike, intend to both safeguard the bike from theft and simplify the commuting process by alleviating the need for a separate lock.  The Funk let’s you switch between a fixed gear and a single gear.

2010 PUMA Bike by Biomega

It has 28” wheels and mixes city bike features and track bike features to create a new typology.  The Nevis mixes city bike features with those of a cruiser designed to hold the body in a laid back, upright position. Large, comfortable and sturdy, the bike comes with an innovative front carrier for transport of everyday needs. Featuring lightweight aluminum frame, Shimano Acera 8 speed gear set, disc brakes and unique color blocking, the bike is the perfect ride in any city.  The Pico is a unisex with a fashionable twist of bold color blocking.  The bike features a lightweight aluminum frame, Shimano Acera 8 speed gear set, disc brakes and an oversized front carrier. Small, sturdy and convertible, the Pico Bike references a BMX style bike but holds the body of any upright.

2010 PUMA Bike by Biomega


PUMA is one of the world’s leading Sportlifestyle companies that designs and develops footwear, apparel and accessories. It is committed to working in ways that contribute to the world by supporting Creativity, SAFE Sustainability and Peace, and by staying true to the principles of being Fair, Honest, Positive and Creative in decisions made and actions taken. PUMA starts in Sport and ends in Fashion. Its Sport Performance and Lifestyle labels include categories such as Football, Running, Motorsports, Golf and Sailing. Sport Fashion features collaborations with renowned designer labels such as Alexander McQueen, Mihara Yasuhiro and Sergio Rossi. The PUMA Group owns the brands PUMA, Cobra Golf and Tretorn. The company, which was founded in 1948, distributes ist products in more than 120 countries, employs more than 9,000 people worldwide and has headquarters in Herzogenaurach/Germany, Boston, London and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit http://www.puma.com

2010 PUMA Bike by Biomega

About Biomega

Biomegas goal is to create Furniture for Urban Locomotion - a paradigm shift in the way society imagines transportation. To compete directly with cars by constructing bikes who are so beautiful that they imbue our cities with new meaning, even as they make us healthier. Biomega bikes – and the trendsetters who ride them – have the ability to transform the world into a more beautiful place, and to blend our dreams for the future with the needs of the present. All it takes is one look – and one ride – to understand the difference we can make, as bike, rider, and style become one.

The Biomega bikes have been on display in several newspapers, most lifestyle magazines and the most prestigious design museums around the world. The list includes the Pompidou Centre in Paris, Neues Museum in Münich, the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Wallpaper*, Vogue, Domus and the Financial Times. They constantly amaze the world of design with their innovativeness, pure lines and uniquely shaped forms.

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  • like it….

    new spirit…

    from the vintage stuff


  • Cedric

    Their attempt at “the town track bike” is a major fail. I’d say, stick to what you know Biomega because this is not going to work. Even CREATE bikes look better than that. You’ve missed the boat and it’s not a good idea to try catch up with it, it just makes you look very silly.

  • steve

    The Marc newson designed bike was great, the cable design good, but for the rest…like the first three… average.

  • Ants

    That oversized top tube/ downtube being used looks terrible.

  • cool … last one is great … love these kind of bikes.

  • this is advertisment!!

  • Ebru Kandilci

    the new models really seem to be summer bikes.i like white body of bikes style of biomega figures a comfortabe style of pedaling.

  • they’re great, good uban bikes… of course they are advertising, but the product as functionality, is not bad.

  • J

    Top tubes look like stretched out Swedish Fish. These look so bulky compared to far more elegant bikes of years past.

  • Alex D

    The track bike looks awful. Bad colors and the flattened out top tube fails at aesthetic grace and functional advantage. One clue that it wasn’t designed by someone who knows about bikes: Track bikes with grips on the bottom of the drop bars are for actual tracking riding. This is obviously not for actual track riding because it has a brake.

    These bikes are even louder/cheaper/uglier than some of the hideous PUMA shoes Ive seen people wearing.

  • Tom Ford

    And here is how an avantgarde Danish company becomes yet another mainstream venture – and makes a lot of money from the US market. The unnecessarily inflated top tube seems to have only one function – to accommodate a large puma logo. “The objective of PUMA’s new series of Biomega bicycles is to create unique bikes, refresh urban mobility and for an outside design company to share a different perspective so that we can surprise the consumer.,” – I say quite the opposite.

  • Sam

    The oversized head tube helps lend itself quite decidedly towards supermarket bike territory. The colour palettes are reminiscent to how a dad with no time might dress their child.